Martha’s Vineyard shows its Pride


The first official Pride parade on Martha’s Vineyard pulled in Islanders en masse on a warm, blue-skied Saturday in Oak Bluffs. 

Hundreds gathered streetside as paraders commenced through the town. Festivities began at the dock of the Island Queen ferry on Oak Bluffs Harbor. The parade was met with cheers as onlookers watched it make its way up Circuit Ave. before following Narragansett to Seaview Avenue, ending at the gazebo in Ocean Park.

The procession was punctuated with an array of Pride flags and colorful decorations, music and dancing, and consisted of LGBTQ community members, NAACP members, motorcycle group Dykes on Bikes, PFLAG (parents and friends of lesbians and gays) and LGBTQ-allied businesses, including the Ritz Cafe, Nomans, Rockland Trust Bank, Misty Meadows Equine Learning Center, and the Martha’s Vineyard Museum, and protest marching band Extraordinary Rendition Band.

As the crowd gathered at Ocean Park, Oak Bluffs Business Association vice president Sofie Green, a key organizer of the OBA-sponsored event, spoke from the gazebo. “I couldn’t be more thrilled for our community,” she said, thanking Oak Bluffs business owners and NAACP Matha’s Vineyard branch leadership for their support in putting on the event.

After brief words from Islander Susanna Sturgis, highlighting the monumental shift in the accepting nature of the community regarding their LGBTQ neighbors, New England funk band Funktapuss took the stage for a midday dance party.


  1. At the heart of Pride celebrations is pride. Pride comes from a rebellious heart that rejects the benevolent authority of the Creator. A proud person ultimately claims to know better than God and his Word and believes that inventing our own rules and celebrating our own choices, achievements, and desires is greater than what God has commanded in his Word. It’s focus is squarely on us rather than on God. The growing LGBT movement is a public upwelling and celebration of pride against the Creator and His rules for sexual purity and marriage.

    • Andy– that may be the case for an intolerant hateful god and the “sheep” (your god’s word) that follow her.

      But my god embraces everyone.

      And as far a pride goes– it is a natural human emotion that presents itself when you do something that you know is the right thing to do.
      It has nothing to do with intolerant jealous gods.

      If god’s opinion really mattered to you, you would care more about her creation.
      You seem to be proud of your work helping to poison the planet with man made chemicals.
      You totally disregard and mock any efforts to protect any species.
      You have expressed your disdain for any efforts to protect piping plovers, and have said “they taste like chicken”
      You have expressed incredulity at the fact that many people are concerned about bees and other insects. You make up so called “facts” to deliberately distort the reality of climate change, and support a philandering pathological liar to be the next president of the United States.
      Why do you do all of that ? It’s because of your pride– you cannot accept that you can be wrong.
      Don’t lecture us about what your ruthless fairy tale god wants and tell anyone they are “against the creator”. The Flying Spaghetti Monster IS the creator,( I have a book to prove it) and he respects you no matter who you love.
      The LGBTQ community is doing what is right– Treating everyone with respect. And they are PROUD of it, as they should be.

      • Ms. Lane. Thank you for not attacking me. Your comments are usually well structured even though I sometimes don’t agree. I do agree with your comment that ”countless parts of the bible go unobserved and unmentioned”. I am guilty of that also. Pride is a sense of one’s self-worth that is out of proportion to reality. It can and often does lead to the commission of other sins in order to feed one’s pride. Taken to the extreme, pride even results in rebellion against God, through the belief that one owes all that he has accomplished to his own efforts and not at all to God’s grace.

        • ” Pride is a sense of one’s self-worth that is out of proportion to reality.”

          Hence the old saying, “Pride goeth before a fall.”

          • Pride is a sense of one’s own self worth that is out of proportion to reality. We see it every day in the Jan 6th hearings revelations. Trump lost an election, every aide he trusted told him he lost, every legal means to verify his loss has been employed, and yet his ego and pride continue to this day to lie about his loss. His pride instigated an attempted overthrow of our democracy’s peaceful transfer of power, causing death, injury, and chaos. The ex-President’s pride did this. When he makes mistakes about misspeaking about hurricanes, he takes a Sharpie to a map and redraws locations so he doesn’t look so stupid. What he is, is prideful, the worst kind of prideful. People who speak against the dignity of the LGBTQ movement will often be Trump supporters who believed the most prideful person on the planet was chosen by their god and they don’t mind that this man’s outsized pride causes him to deny he lost the presidency to Biden. This is because the actual objection here to “pride” in this manifestation of the LGBTQ movement has nothing at all to do with “pride”, but everything to do with an ingrained, authoritarian homophobia. Trump is on his way to his big fall. He belongs in jail. Pride goeth before a fall. Lock him up.

        • Andrew, I agree that pride as a general concept can have many downfalls. It can certainly drive a wedge between us when excessive or treated like a competition.

          However, when it comes to LGBTQ+, I think of it more as a showing of solidarity, a means of rejecting the shaming that has been pushed upon certain groups for ages.

          It’s worked. There have been a number of legal and social advancements in the years since Stonewall, and that’s because folks banded together. I see this as being about progress, not hubris.

          Many are still negatively called out over matters of orientation and gender, in public view. It makes sense to me that the response from LGBTQ+ is just as visible as the criticism received.

          I think it’s possible to
          move beyond a cultural mindset geared towards shame while remaining humble. We’re all small pieces of a big picture. As with issues of race, I don’t believe anyone’s orientation is above or beneath another’s.

          • Ms. Lane I thank you for your thoughtful post. It is not agitational. I remain convinced that gender dysphoria is a disorder and that is why people seek treatment for it. I acknowledge the biblical view of sex and gender, however we should treat people suffering from gender dysphoria with the dignity, respect, and support that are due anyone created in the image of God, recognizing that their condition may not be resolved in this life. Skin color is a benign, non-behavioral characteristic. Sexual orientation is perhaps the most profound of human behavioral characteristics. Comparison of the two is a convenient but invalid argument in my view.

      • Keller, I have not poisoned the planet. I made chemicals that are in every part of our daily life. I have never eaten a plover. I believe we should be good stewards of Gods creation. I do not want Trump to be the next President. I do not support extreme measures to mitigate climate change. Where do you make these things up?

        • Andy I will respond to this comment after I get a pitchfork and knee high boots. it might take me a few days to shovel my way out of your comment.

        • Did you want Trump to be President in 2016.
          What changed your mind, J6?
          That was nail in the coffin for Real Republicans.
          Life long Republicans.
          When did you become a member?
          About the same time as Trump?
          What party were you before?

  2. We see displays of, among many other things, patriotic pride all the time. Then we’ve got Vineyard pride, sports team pride, My-Kid-Made-Honor-Roll pride scrawled across a windshield…

    These never seem to be met with the same fire-n-brimstone objections as pride stemming from a civil rights movement, arguably far more important than the frivolous examples.

    It’s almost like there are two sets of standards and neither has anything whatsoever to do with being fair or caring about God.

    There are countless parts of the Bible that go unobserved and unmentioned by the vast majority, yet a suspiciously high number of people are more than happy to tell us being gay is bad, bad, bad in the name of Jesus. I bet He’s not buying it, and neither am I.

  3. I fully support the Pride movement. I also support the heterosexual movement. Where is their flag and when is their pride weekend?

  4. John– quit waiting around for someone to do something for you.
    White heterosexuals have plenty to be proud of.
    They virtually rid the entire continent of pagan savages, built a strong economic system on the natural resource of cotton that was just growing wild here, and traded our way up to a superpower by inventing and using nuclear weapons.
    And they did it pretty much without people of color or women, and it wasn’t until 1973 that we had the first openly gay congressman.
    By all means , John, go for it.
    I think the “great to be straight ” flag that portrays a lion and lioness in Aron’s link is a great flag. I doubt many people would find it offensive.
    Petition the town of O.B to fly it — really. They have set a precedent to fly flags representing people’s sexual preferences after all.
    Most other straight white guy flags seem to be offensive for some reason.
    So get it together, John..
    I might even show up in support if you can keep hate groups out of it.
    I will even encourage my LGBTQ friends to participate.. They are all inclusive after all.

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  6. Jackie I thought you were on sabbatical from everything except the Land Bank/Housing issues. Your contribution really hit the mark though. Trump Derangement Syndrome is alive and well. Well at least Biden has arranged for grief counsellors at gas pumps.

    • Andy– a derangement syndrome implies that there is something illogical going on.
      I would think that if if someone raised 250 million dollars for the “Official Election Defense Fund” which never actually existed, and pocketed the money, a logical person might thing there was something wrong. But trump supporters seem to think it’s fine. Sounds illogical to me…
      Conversely, even self proclaimed economic wizards suggest to the uninformed or willfully ignorant that PRESIDENT BIDEN has something to do with the price of gas.
      Please show us some proof the Biden has arranged for “grief counselors” at gas pumps. Or is that just sarcasm ? Hard to distinguish between a lie and a joke sometimes.
      I guess you are also being sarcastic when you blame Biden for the high price of gas, as it is more likely he actually has arranged for grief counselors than he had anything to do about the price of gas.
      I really do wish that the overprivileged, sniveling, whining Americans would stop sniveling and whining about the price of gas, which the president of the U.S has nothing to do with.
      How is it that all those self proclaimed economic geniuses seem to suspend the first law of economics ( supply and demand)? These same geniuses think it’s some kind of god given right to waste as much gas as possible. Like you, Andy– you leave your car running just to waste gas and drive the price up. Then you blame Biden…
      Biden derangement syndrome seems to be doing quite well in America.

      • Your assertion Keller that Biden is not responsible for high gas prices doesnt pass the laugh test. Everyone knows he ran on climate change and ridding us of fossil fuels and many of his actions too numerous to list resulted in 5 dollar gas which will be 6 bucks by August.

        • Andy– You know better than that.
          “too numerous to list” is the dead giveaway.
          That’s what the pillow guy says about all the evidence he has about all the ways the 2020 election was stolen .
          Oil production in the U.S is up by over 20 % since May of 2020

          Yeah. I’m cherry picking data– but it’s true.
          And I guess Biden is responsible for the 58% rise in Brent crude prices in the last year ?
          If his goal was to raise prices on oil, he’s being pretty effective for a guy that you think couldn’t make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It couldn’t have anything to do with the worlds second largest oil producer invading a sovereign country at the direction of a “genius” dicktater and sending the “invisible hand” of the free market into turmoil. Right.
          That would only be the case if trump were president. — Right ?

          I have long said gas should be well over $10 a gallon — I know that won’t discourage you from wasting it, but some red necks with their oversized trucks and minimum wage jobs might eventually figure out how to turn a key and save themselves some real money.

        • Andy, please cite three actions that Biden has taken that have caused five dollar a gallon gas.
          Just three from your list of many.

        • We will never be rid of fossil fuels.
          There will always be situations where they will be the best choice.
          They are no longer the right choice for mobility or the generation of electricity.
          Welcome to modernity, the Western way of living.

    • So, Trump’s pride that caused so much damage to our county got a pass in your religion, but a pride parade gets you all devoutly religious. Got it.

      • Jackie, Trumps pride is precisely what got him in trouble and why he lost the election. He didn’t get a pass from me. I liked his policies not his persona. By the way, my religion is Judeo Christian and Christianity is Jewish. By far, the most important Jewish text is the Torah, the books of Moses, also known as the Pentateuch. The Torah is the first five books of the Tanakh, the Hebrew Bible. You know all this.

        • Deflect all you like, engelman. The point of my posts on this page is to verify that certain religious excuses can often be in reality a homophobic reaction to certain news accounts that give the deserved dignity and respect to all our fellow humans, including our LGBTQ neighbors.

        • Andy– A while ago I pointed out that the bible makes it very clear that ANY work performed on the sabbath deserves a death sentence:
          exodous 35:2 -“Six days work shall be done, but on the seventh day you shall have a Sabbath of solemn rest, holy to the Lord. Whoever does any work on it shall be put to death.”
          There are also references as to what to eat, when the “kindle a fire” what to wear and how many slaves you can own, and that you can only “lie with” people of the opposite gender.

          You said Jesus had changed all those things, ( except of course the homosexuality clause) and you can now grill your pork chops on a Sunday afternoon while wearing a shirt made of polyester and cotton. —Leviticus 19:19-” nor shall you wear a garment of cloth made of two kinds of material.” That’s 4 abominations at once– ok no problem — but if you’re gay it’s a problem.
          You claim Jesus saved us all from all those draconian rules ( except of course the homosexuality clause)
          Now you are saying that the Pentateuch is the most important part of your religion. –it includes the book of Genesis — and thereby all those rules.
          And you recently accused me of cherry picking some facts about the poison football field.
          “How dare you ?”

  7. From Wikipedia

    Homophobia encompasses a range of negative attitudes and feelings toward homosexuality or people who are identified or perceived as being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT). It has been defined as contempt, prejudice, aversion, hatred or antipathy, may be based on irrational fear, and is also related to religious beliefs.

    Homophobia is observable in critical and hostile behavior such as discrimination and violence on the basis of sexual orientations that are non-heterosexual.[1][2][6] Recognized types of homophobia include institutionalized homophobia, e.g. religious homophobia and state-sponsored homophobia, and internalized homophobia, experienced by people who have same-sex attractions, regardless of how they identify.[7][8]

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