Poet’s Corner


Forgetting to Remember
By Peter Ledermann

Speak not casually ever
As there is no drop of rain
that is insignificant
Nor any look that we give to one
Look to the passage of every moment as precious as
The splitting of diamond
The cleaving of accident from karma
The impression of fall
On each stone
Take in each breath as the giving of the planet
There is no place I would travel
Without you
Accept the space we are allowed
Because in so doing
All else is put aside for our sake
It is our limited chance
For limitless being
And forgive me my sleep
My forgetfulness
In my fullness of the self I am truly not
But forever trying to convince myself
I am 

Peter Ledermann is an engineer and inventor who has been writing poetry that he “receives spontaneously” since he was 9 years old. A part-time resident of West Tisbury, he is a member of the Cleaveland House Poets and has published one book of poems, illustrated with his own watercolors.

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