A stormy start


The HHSA 2022 started off on the blustery Thursday evening of June 16. The strong 12- to 15-knot breeze was stronger than that of any of the preseason races, and even managed to cause Gloria’s spreader to fly off the mast, never to be seen again. That is only the third time in 35 years that equipment failure has caused the intrepid Gloria to withdraw from a race. Four other competitors finished, however, with Tamu, an Alerion 28 skippered by Tom Wescott, leading the way. Artful Dodger, a Tartan 3500, sailed over from Falmouth by Mike Powers to compete, was just three seconds behind Tamu in the second spot. The Alerion 33 Silhouette, sailed by Beck Colson, came in third. 

Sunday’s race was the first to count toward this season’s Holmes Hole awards. Cool temperatures, gray skies, occasional drizzle, and variable wind made for less-than-ideal conditions. The weather combined with Father’s Day made for a small turnout, but the competition was anything but cool, as all four finished within one minute and 18 seconds after a 6.5-mile course. Managing the gusts and lulls, Mo Flam was winner and first across the line sailing Penelope, an Alerion 28. Trinity, David McDonough’s C&C 37 finished one minute behind Penelope on corrected time. Silhouette was third, nine seconds behind Trinity, once all handicaps were calculated.