O.B.’s Lake Ave. transitions to diagonal parking

Parallel parking spaces on Lake Ave. has transitioned to diagonal parking. — Abigail Rosen

The transition from parallel to diagonal parking on Lake Avenue in Oak Bluffs is finally completed. In addition to Oak Bluffs’ new streetscape overhaul, and the introduction of parallel parking on Circuit Ave. — which slightly decreased the number of parking spaces — the town issued a relining of parking spaces for Lake Avenue, with the diagonal parking plan allowing for 13 much-needed new spaces. The originally projected two-day project was originally set to commence in the beginning of May, but was delayed. 

The new diagonal parking plans come after the Oak Bluffs select board tasked the town’s harbormaster and the highway superintendent with finding ways to mitigate the large amount of trash tossed in town dumpsters — a few of which are located on Lake Avenue, preventing vehicles from parking along the street.

What to do with the dumpsters, which have been discussed by the select board ad nauseum, ignited deeper concerns about the volume of trash the town collects and empties on a daily basis. 

The select board raised concerns over the efficacy of current proposals for mitigating trash buildup, with the most recent being the introduction of weekly changed dumpster locks, in addition to “several more” trash barrels in the town’s epicenter.

In an ongoing effort to discuss viable options for curbing high trash volumes, select board chair Ryan Ruley said at a May 10 meeting, “Our goal was to get all the dumpsters off of Lake Avenue, and come up with a more progressive and aggressive program to collect trash from boaters.”


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