Tisbury: Wonderful people

— Kyra Steck

Heard on Main Street: “Reading gives us something to do when we have to stay somewhere.” 

We are so blessed with the wonderful people who work and live here on this Island. I have come to know more of those folks at the hospital in the past weeks. While this was not planned, I was reminded how so many of you are just outstandingly kind and helpful. I am overwhelmed with treats, from the special delivery of a few beautiful blossoms, a balloon, small Hershey bars, even a special magazine or newspaper. And a number of good friends took care of getting me other things I needed, from eyedrops to library books.

I just heard about the new movie about Elvis Presley, the boy who grew up to be a star. I was a little surprised that I was interested in that.

When I was 13, I was sent to a girls’ boarding school in D.C. It was not my choice, but worked out very well for me. At first it was hard, including just going from a very small New England town to a big Southern city, as well as a much better school. Fortunately, that also meant exceptional opportunities, like live musicals and seeing the Inaugural Parade, and even being introduced to the wife of the President.

But one of the best parts happened right away. My new roommate came from Tennessee. She was excited to share a new 45 record by a singer named Elvis. Some weeks after that, we were delighted to watch as Ed Sullivan introduced this boy on TV. And now, at my advanced age, I am looking forward to hearing stories about this boy and his life. I find it is fun to remember how amazingly popular he became in the very early days, especially to us young teenage girls. In those days, this was not a common phenomenon. It was new and exciting.

Now for a change of focus — I want to tell you that the Martha’s Vineyard Classical Music Society has some good plans for us this summer. On Sunday, July 17, the Chatham Baroque will perform at the West Tisbury Church at 4 pm. The Borealis Wind Quintet will be at the Old Whaling Church on Sunday, July 24, as will the Verona Quartet on Sunday, August 7; tickets online, or call 508-696-8055. 

And while you have your calendar: The West Tisbury Church is preparing for the Berry Festival on Saturday afternoon, July 16. That’s strawberries and blueberries. They plan dairy-free smoothies, fresh pies, strawberry shortcakes — I can’t wait. 

I do admire the articles that Chris Baer writes on Island history. Last week he wrote about Ben Luce, the blacksmith who lost the use of his left hand in a Civil War battle. You have to wonder how he worked with that, as a father, a smith, as a farmer — a dairy farmer. Imagine milking. He must have been an impressive man, and as Chris says, the man did lead a busy life. Thanks again, Chris, for this glimpse back into Island history. 

In the past I’ve enjoyed the panel discussions and writing workshops at Islanders Write, finding each time there is so much to learn about the art, the craft, and the business of writing. Now I look forward to the next session. Find out more at islanderswrite.com.

Congratulations go to Robert and Juliana Rogers tomorrow, on their golden wedding anniversary.

A really big bunch of birthday balloon wishes go to Kenny Ivory tomorrow. I think this is a big one, as well. Happy birthday to Sioux Eagle and Marina Lent on Saturday. Sunday belongs to Larry Gomez. On Monday, flash-bangs and fireworks light up birthday greetings that go to Sue Fairbanks, as we all celebrate our nation’s birthday.

Heard on Main Street: “We used to have village idiots, but with the internet, they’ve gone global.”