Install more bike lanes


To the Editor:

As the proud recipient of a threat of a lawsuit from MassDOT, I must say that my experiment with using white duct tape to line Beach Road in Tisbury with a fake fog line set to 10.5 feet from the centerline of the road has proven to be a real success. Now Beach Road is experiencing that smaller travel lane for vehicles and wider lanes for cyclists, and it is working. If I may venture an opinion, biased of course, if it is working here on Beach Road, then why can it not work anywhere on two-lane roads on our Island — or anywhere, for that matter? 

Traveling on State Road I can observe, and anyone else can, that there is plenty of extra room for vehicles, but cyclists are riding in a very dangerous and uncomfortable narrow strip. Why? Don’t we want more cyclists and fewer motor vehicles? It is just a question. Why are all our roads not altered to allow four to five feet for cyclists, depending on circumstances, pretty much everywhere? It’s just a question. So simple, so effective. It is just paint.


Frank Brunelle