West Tisbury: Midsummer weather

— MV Times

The air is redolent of freshly cut lawns and hayfields. It must have been a good haying, as we have had no rain for at least the past couple of weeks. It hasn’t even been that humid, just hot, what one expects for midsummer weather. Amazingly, gardens still look lovely, and are producing vegetables and flowers. My raspberries are finally turning red and slipping off easily when I pick them. They are delicious, a treat for my breakfast.

This past week has been very special for Mike and me, for his brother, Jared, and Sue Hruby, too. Jared’s daughter, Charlotte, our niece, has been home for an all-too-brief visit. I feel happier just knowing she is on the Island. Having her sitting or walking next to me is beyond wonderful.

It’s hard when children become grownups and move away. It’s what we all want for them, to have happy, independent lives, doing something they find meaningful, exploring the world, making their way. I am proud of her. She has just graduated from Stanford with a Ph.D. in history, and is teaching at Stanford. She is officially Dr. Hull. She has worked hard, and accomplished so much. As an academic, her goal, she has shared her enthusiasm and knowledge with her students, first at Berkeley, now at Stanford. I think she is brilliant, resourceful, the most capable person I know. And I love her in the heart-exploding way that aunties do when they have been blessed with carrying a baby in arms, holding her hand as she learned to walk, picking her up after school for our afternoons together, watching her direct traffic and win prizes at the Ag Fair, sitting in the Tabernacle with our whole family when she graduated from the Regional High School, watching her forge her own path. I have the happiest memories of visits to Mount Holyoke, where she was a freshman, of coffee at the Hungry Mind, of newspapers and books and conversations and secrets. She has become my best writing advisor.

A highlight of this visit was when Charlotte joined Iyla and me for our weekly Thursday together, Iyla and Mimi Day. We introduced her to the royal denizens of Mousylvania, our collection of stuffed mice, who live in the dollhouse that was Charlotte’s when she was little. Now it is a castle that spawns tales of love and intrigue. I had the best time watching my two darling girls getting to know one another.

I don’t travel, so have never gone to California, and am grateful when Charlotte comes home. The time races by, but I treasure every minute. The Island will feel different when she leaves.

I can’t imagine the Gazette without Julia Wells, who retired last week. She has been there seemingly forever. On the bright side, it will be nice to run into her around town a little more often, knowing she won’t be rushing off to work down-Island. That said, retirement is a funny thing; the days get filled up, nonetheless. I hope you will enjoy the luxury of time, Julia, and wish you all the best. 

The opening between Tisbury Great Pond and Quansoo has been cut, leaving a lovely, wide beach to walk across. Mike and I took Abby this morning. No one else was there. Mike threw a stick over and over into the water. Abby chased it and swam back with it over and over. Dogs never tire of that game. 

A young couple with their two daughters came along at just the right time. If there is anything Abby likes more than swimming after sticks, it is new people, especially children, arriving on the scene. One of the girls told us about their dog and their grandparent’s dog, Lucy and Ruby. We always meet the most interesting people on our walks.

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