Tisbury: A delightful surprise

— MV Times

Heard on Main Street: Perhaps it’s true — whatever doesn’t kill you really does make you stronger. But I am beginning to wonder.

Just as I was feeling sorry for myself because I couldn’t go to the Berry Festival at the West Tisbury Church, a good friend dropped by with a delightful surprise. She brought me a strawberry/blueberry shortcake from there as a surprise. I cannot think of a more delicious treat.

I just finished a new book by Ashley Weaver called “The Key to Deceit.” If you enjoyed the Maisie Dobbs books, you may like this one. It also takes place during WW II in England. It is, of course, much different, but includes many of the same types of those characters and problems that Maisie dealt with.

Thanks to our Vineyard Haven library, if you have a CLAMS library card, you can borrow a membership card for free entry to the Martha’s Vineyard Museum for three days by coming to the library circulation desk.

You can also get reduced rates for entry at properties that are part of the Trustees of Reservations by getting a “Go Pass” ticket. You can then book a reservation for Long Point online on the Trustees website (time slots are released every Wednesday for the week beginning Friday) using the promotion code on your ticket for a discount. Mytoi, Wasque, and Cape Poge do not require advance reservation, and entry to one allows entry to all. Show your Go Pass ticket at the entrance for free admission.

The work that has gone into trying to get Island housing for veterans is really on its way. The fact that there is some land offered by Oak Bluffs is wonderful. There are so many things that those of us who are not directly damaged by the veterans’ service to protect us means we do not totally understand what they need when they come home — though it would seem housing is obviously a major problem.

I almost cannot believe that I don’t think I ever realized that the higher temperatures across the earth were the cause of many of the horrifying, large wildfires. It just never occurred to me. Of course, the fact is that we’ve been spoiled in New England recently by not having to endure even the very hot weather in the rest of our country. Perhaps that may have kept the issue off my mind.

In case you didn’t know, the Net Result is now open from 9 am to 7 pm. And it is still very busy at lunch and supper time. That reminds me …

The Martha’s Vineyard Film Society has an outdoor summer film festival at Featherstone, which runs every Wednesday night through August 10. Films start about 8:45 pm, but you are welcme to arrive early and picnic on the lawn. Beer and wine are allowable. The M.V. Film Center is offering live shows and films this summer. Check the website.

Happy anniversary to Eric and Susan Lopes tomorrow. Big bunches of balloon wishes go out on Monday to Thomas E. Colligan. Next Tuesday, the sky will light up from all the birthday candles for Michael Bulkin, Pam Cassel, and my granddaughter, Rory Mayhew. Tuesday belongs to Michael Cobban. 

Heard on Main Street: Don’t audit life. Show up, and make the most of it now.

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