Edgartown: Have a great week

—MV Times

Another week, another column. Am I running out of clever stories and updates to write about? Yes. Am I writing anyay? Also yes. But thankfully, I’ve remembered some things for this week’s column that I forgot to put in last week’s column. 

It’s hard to believe that July is coming to a close already. This is when I always start to “a little bit panic” as I call it. Am I relaxing enough? Am I getting to the beach enough? Am I getting all the chores done that I need to get done? Basically, when it comes time to return to school, will I have completed my seemingly massive to-do list while also taking time to regroup and re-energize, to walk back into school recharged and ready to go? I suspect that the answer to that question will be a big fat no. I came into this summer just a little too bruised and battered. And the to-do list includes painting my house (outside) and beginning the clean-out process with Pop’s house. The old man sure didn’t like to throw anything away. And of course, so much of his “stuff” comes with memories and the torturous decision to save, give away, throw away, etc. Bittersweet and draining. Hats off and kudos to everyone who has walked this path before me. 

Congratulations to Nedine Cunningham. Major congratulations, actually. Nedine is the Grades 7 and 8 social studies teacher in Edgartown, and earlier this summer, she ventured to Alaska to run her 50th race in her 50th state. Nedine seems to specialize in the half-marathon race, but has been known to run a marathon here and there as well, I believe. At any rate, regardless of the length of races, simply visiting every state for this athletic endeavor is quite an amazing feat. Congratulations, Nedine. What will be your next adventure goal?

The Friends of the West Tisbury Library continue their weekly pop-up book sale on Sundays from 12 to 4 on the porches of the West Tisbury Library. Each Sunday will offer fiction, mystery, cooking and food, biographies, Martha’s Vineyard, and children’s books. In addition, weekly specials will feature specific categories. July 31 is Military and Maritime.

Belated happy birthday wishes go out to Jack Murray, who celebrated on July 20. I can’t believe I forgot to include it in the list last week. He and Riley were a day apart, and we were all in the hospital together way back when, so it’s a tradition to include his birthday in the column when I include Riley’s. But last week, I completely zoned and missed it. Sorry, Jack. Happy birthday.

Other birthdays are Caleb Enos on July 27, Vera Dello Russo on July 28, Debbie Jernegan on July 28, Ashley Medeiros on July 30, and Tamara Morillo on July 31. Happy 16th anniversary to Bob and Brenda Brown, who celebrated their special day on July 23. Congratulations, you crazy kids.

Have I previously mentioned that you can do goat yoga at Native Earth Teaching Farm in Chilmark at 10 am on Saturday mornings? I still have never done this myself, but have been dying to do it. Family and friends have taken part in similar classes and loved them. Who doesn’t love goats? Enjoy the magic of yoga while having fun with pygmy goats. Goat yoga is held under a protective hoophouse in a peaceful setting, and the friendly animals just love the company. Email goatyogamv@gmail.com to register.

Amelia and I took our first class at Featherstone this week, a jewelry-making class in which we learned how to make a woven bracelet. What fun! The instructor was very knowledgeable, and our fees included materials for our bracelets. Amelia has a creative, artsy soul, so naturally caught on much faster than I did, and we walked out with lovely bracelets that we can brag about. And now we’re keeping our eyes on the upcoming schedules to see what class we can take next. Someday, I’m hoping my schedule and the beginner wheel throwing class will match up. I’d love to try that. As the kids in school say, “10 out of 10. Would recommend.”

I recently took part in an online conversation about racism. The program is called A Long Talk About the Uncomfortable Truth, and they explain it as an antiracism activation experience. There are two discussions, each about two hours long, and some work to do before each discussion. It isn’t hard, and it’s all very interesting. Their aim is to eradicate racism and white supremacy within 15 years. The discussions are enlightening, informative, and encouraging, their belief being that it isn’t enough to just not be a racist. To put an end to racism, we need to actually be antiracist. I learned so much history that I’ve never learned before, and even though I consider myself aware and informed, I walked away pretty overwhelmed by what I didn’t know. You can check out their website at alongtalk.com and sign up for future discussions. I highly recommend it. It is well worth the time and energy. 

I think that’s all for now, though I strongly suspect that I will think of something that I have forgotten in the morning. That seems to be my way. Have a great week. Be kind. Be patient. Be safe.

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