A solution to the dispute


To the Editor:

The dispute between Alan Dershowitz, noted constitutional lawyer, and Ebba Hierta, director of the Chilmark Free Library, could easily be resolved by consulting the U.S. Constitution, to wit: Amendment 28 – Originally proposed July 4, 2022. Ratified July 4, 2022.

No law denying Alan Dershowitz’s access to the meeting room at the Chilmark Free Library for any reason whatsoever shall go into effect now and in the future. Ratified unanimously by all 50 states. 

The objection that Ms Hierta has made concerning the limited capacity of the meeting room could easily be responded to by expanding that section of the library, at the expense of the town, so that it could house up to 1,000 individuals. It is also simply not true that there is not “one person in Chilmark who is upset about him not being allowed time at the library.” That person, of course, is Mr. Dershowitz himself. I for one wish him much success in delivering his talk to himself in the expanded Meeting Room.


Steve Levine