Det. Duquette leads drug seizure, arrest

Courtesy Tisbury Police Department

Tisbury Police Det. Charles Duquette led members of the Martha’s Vineyard Drug Task Force in the execution of a search warrant on New York Avenue in Oak Bluffs Friday. As result, Beau Sander Henderson was arrested on a number of drug charges. Cash, cocaine, leaf marijuana, marijuana-based edibles, psychedelic mushroom-based edibles, and steroids were allegedly seized.

The bust and seizure took place with the assistance of the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office and the DEA. Det. Duquette told The Times Saturday approximately $5,000 was seized. Also allegedly seized, he said, was roughly 140 grams of cocaine, and dozens of different types of edibles constituting hundreds of doses — both THC and mushroom-based edibles. Some of the edibles mimicked traditional, name-brand candy, he said. The bust also allegedly yielded approximately three to five pounds of marijuana, Duquette said — volume-wise, enough to fill several paper grocery bags. Furthermore, there were allegedly a couple of vials of what was believed to be anabolic steroids, Duquette said. 

The DEA, while not physically present during the bust, “assisted throughout the entire investigation,” Duquette said. 

Duquette said the edibles were so numerous, they lent the appearance of “a small storefront.”

Henderson, Duquette said, was arraigned on charges Friday afternoon in Edgartown District Court on charges of trafficking cocaine over 100 grams, possession with the intent to distribute a Class C drug (psilocybin mushrooms), possession with the Intent to distribute a Class D drug (marijuana), and possession of a Class E Drug (steroids).

While police had no specific knowledge fentanyl was present in the house or the fruits of the seizure, Duquette cautioned that “most cocaine we’re finding is actually laced with fentanyl.” 

He said it’s coming that way straight from Mexico. 


  1. Thank you everyone involved for taking this suff and the possessor off the streets and out of harms reach.

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