Real Estate Transactions: July 25 – 29, 2022



July 26, Pauline D. Smith sold 0 Harborside Inn Condo Unit 202 Week 38 to Christine M. Smith and Timothy M. McKenna for $600.

July 29, Christopher T. Collins sold 6 Farmers Road to Anthony P. Williams and Nicole Wise Williams for $1,585,000.

July 29, MSK LLC sold 46 Robinson Road to Cinnabar North Atlantic LLC for $3,775,000.

Oak Bluffs

July 25, Brendan J. Maseda, Wayne S. Cobb, Maryln Manning, and William R. Manning sold 70 Washington Avenue to Floyd A.B. Rance III and Stephanie R. Tavares-Rance for $902,000.

July 27, Jennifer Lyn Araujo and David T. Araujo sold 33 Sunset Road to Dylan H. Batchelder for $1,000,000.

July 28, Michael A. Debettencourt sold 103 Wing Road to Nickolas Peters for $400,000.

July 28, Geoghan Coogan, trustee of 12 Webaqua Road Nominee Trust, sold 12 Webaqua Road to Bryan C. Collins and Melissa A. Collins for $570,000.


July 25, Michael W. Panagakos sold 0 Rogers Way to Blueberry Meadow Farm LLC for $750,000.

July 25, Theodore Sedgwick, trustee of Maltese Falcon Trust, sold 733 Main St. to 733 Main Street LLC for $4,900,000.

July 29, Craig Wescott Whitaker and Jennifer Seymour Whitaker sold 70 William St. to Robert Hale and Emma Mandler for $1,570,000.

July 29, Louis G. Hilton and Deborah Tucker sold 107 Mott Hill Drive to Janaina Kelly Dos Reis Machado for $1,200,000.

July 29, Rachel B. Kuhe sold 1153 Main St. to Cluver LLC for $8,250,000.