Help on a difficult day


To the Editor:

My apologies to all the gentlemen who came to my rescue two weeks ago.

First, the knight in shining armor who caught me as I was falling backward off the step into the UPS Store. If he hadn’t caught me, I would have had a very negative outcome. I was so flustered I said a quick thank-you, never got your name, and went in and returned the package. Again, many thanks.

After that I went to the Stop & Shop. I know I had hit the curb somewhere along the road. The parking lot was full, and as I proceeded around a second time, a young man called out to me and told me I had a flat tire. There was no place to pull over, so I pulled into the police station. I went upstairs to solicit assistance from our town’s finest. Again, I didn’t get anyone’s name, but the officer told me to put on my flashers and call AAA. He then invited me to wait in the station and stay cool in the air conditioning. Three hours later, AAA arrived. Craig took 15 minutes to change the tire, and I was on my way. I met several of the officers, who were very pleasant and sympathetic. To all you gentlemen, many, many thanks.


Mary Ellen Larsen