What Are You Watching? ‘Earth at Night in Color’


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I have always dreamed of traveling across the world to explore different places, cultures, and environments. Although not nearly the same, “Earth at Night in Color” has transported me around the globe — albeit from the confines of my couch — and provided me with jaw-dropping images and insight into the nocturnal lives of animals across six continents, from endangered African savanna elephants to deep-sea creatures I never knew existed. You can watch this intriguing, captivating documentary series on Apple TV.

The series boasts never-before-seen videography and imagery of the lives of animals at night, using cutting-edge camera technology. The color is where the cutting-edge part comes in here. Fifteen minutes into every episode, I completely forget that what I am seeing is taking place at night. Filmed in full color, each episode hooks you in until the last second.

Other than the incredible scenes on the screen, one of my favorite parts about this show is the last five minutes, where the producers and camera people go behind the scenes and explain exactly how they filmed these animal interactions. It is wild to see just how close these people and cameras get to pumas in the Patagonian mountains and lions in Kenya’s Maasai Mara grasslands, all the while under the cover of complete darkness.

Between the two seasons so far, my favorite episode has got to be “Polar Bear Winter,” from Season 2. This episode shows a mother polar bear leading her cubs through a cold, dark, Arctic winter. From evading predators to braving intense blizzards, the cubs and the mother trek their way across the isolated Arctic snow.

This is one of my favorite nature documentaries to date, not only because of the full-color night vision, but because of the way the camera people make sure to respect the animals and their natural habitats. I find myself staring in awe at my television screen while I watch, especially during the explanations of just how difficult these scenes are to film at night. This is a must-see, definitely worth 5 stars.