Made us proud


To the Editor:

Wow! Once again, we’re so impressed by our neighbors, the people of Martha’s Vineyard, and their response to the recent dropping off of Venezuelans to our Island. What a sad statement for DeSantis and Abbot who prey on these people using them as “political pawns” however, the people of MV responded with care and generosity and “just do it!” It reminded us of the play “Come From Away” that we know our Oak Bluffs 8th graders (thanks especially to their teachers) have been able to see over the last few years when they made a stop in NY on their Philadelphia trip. What a great story and when this week happened and the Island people responded, it made us think of that story.

Oh yes, the folks in Newfoundland had a much larger group of people to take care of but that’s it, isn’t it? No matter how many people, no matter how short the notice, good people just step up! Thank you to the people of MV, our neighbors, for stepping up … once again! MV makes us so proud!

Marge and Jamie Harris
Oak Bluffs