Poet’s Corner


By Ellie Bates

the arc of sun crosses the equator
day and night are equal length
in all parts of the world

today’s news tells it differently
dark and light are not equal

more dark for immigrants
seeking asylum
herded from border towns
to sanctuary cities
without due process

darker for war crimes in Ukraine
tortured bodies found
in mass graves

dark for those longing
to belong to be understood
for being different
racial justice still wears
the shroud of prejudice

in jeopardy
a woman’s choice
for her own health care

the one doctrine of fear
replaces religion

as the sun moves across
the line that divides
north and south poles
will people unite
turn toward the light
to right these wrongs?

Ellie Bates lives in Edgartown year-round and enjoys writing poetry with the Cleaveland House Poets and the MV Poets’ Collective.

Poets with a connection to Martha’s Vineyard are encouraged to submit poems to Poet’s Corner editor Laura Roosevelt at ldroosevelt@gmail.com.