Chilmark appoints new health assistant

Chilmark's select board unanimously appointed Anna McCaffery as the town's new health assistant during a Zoom meeting.

Chilmark’s select board unanimously appointed Anna McCaffery as the town’s next health assistant. Marina Lent, who performed all the duties of a health agent though she didn’t technically bear the title, retired from the job. Lent has gone on to become Aquinnah’s health assistant. 

Ahead of the vote, health board chair Katie Carroll mentioned Lent during her endorsement of McCaffery. “I’d like to take one quick moment to acknowledge and thank Marina Lent for her 16 years of service as our assistant,” Carroll said, “and I’d also like to share our excitement that after a great interview process, we’d like to recommend appointing Anna McCaffery to the board of health administrator-assistant position. I think we’re all confident that her personality and skill set will really blend into the role and the town hall community as a whole.”

Carroll said McCaffery may start out part-time and overlap with Lent as Lent winds down.

Lent confirmed this, telling The Times she is still doing two days a week in Chilmark as she transitions out, and began doing two days a week in Aquinnah on Sept. 29. Lent said she looked forward to working with her new colleague. She also said she may have switched municipalities, but her heart remains in the same place. “I’ve taken to the same job I love,” she said.

In other business, the board chose Bill Rossi as the next chair. Rossi gave the board a brief update on the fire station and ambulance facility under construction. Rossi said the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) made an unannounced site visit last week, “and it went really well.”

Rossi said he was “really happy about that.”