Real Estate Transactions: Oct. 3 – 7, 2022



Oct. 3, Melanie C. Wells sold 68 Meetinghouse Road to Ryan Wener and Coleen Byrne for $3,400,000. 

Oct. 3, Melanie C. Wells sold 0 Rockrose Path to Ryan Wener and Coleen Byrne for $3,400,000. 


Oct. 3, Kathleen Indigaro and Michael Indigaro, trustees of Kathleen Indigaro MV 2011 Trust, sold 69 Windsor Drive to Maria Muller for $1,600,000. 

Oct. 4, Carol B. Koser sold 8 Marthas Way to Jarrett Hurwitz for $1,538,300. 

Oct. 5, Michael E. Pelland sold 0 Harborside Inn Condo Unit 312 Week 19 to Joseph E. Donnelly and Virginia A. Donnelly for $500. 

Oct. 5, Eugene F. Sisco and Joyce Steves-Storm sold 93 South Water St. to Pond View South LLC for $7,500,000. 

Oct. 6, Cathy A. Willd and the Estate of Robert L. Brabyn sold 105 Whalers Walk to Tyrone E. Smith and Bebe R. Mursalin-Smith for $1,220,000. 

Oct. 6, Sabrena Tufts, Meghan Tufts, also known as Meghan Watts, and Amy Tufts, trustees of 2008 Lighthouse Revocable Trust, sold 81 Washque Ave. to Joseph E. McQuillian and Susannah C. McQuillian for $1,725,000. 

Oct. 7, Joyce Hall and Douglas W. Ell, as an individual and trustee of Charles M. Hall 2010 Trust, and William C. Hall, trustee of Charles M. Hall 2010 Trust, sold 54 Marthas Road to Lisa Miller, Rubena Keise, and Doric S. Keise for $1,850,000. 

Oct. 7, Joann Chapdelaine and Anne Gilmartin sold 65 Tower Lane to Francisco Neto for $915,000. 


Oct. 4, Paul H. Wilson Jr. and Elaine H. Wilson sold 68 Hilltop Road to Middle Ground LLC for $3,300,000. 

Oct. 4, Martha’s Vineyard Mortgage Co. LLC sold 107 Beach Road Unit A to BayCoast Bank for $425,000. 

Oct. 7, Kerri Leight Patterson Allen and Amy Frances Patterson Bartelloni, trustees of Dockery Family Irrevocable Trust, sold 90 Edgartown Road to Gregory M. Moye for $600,000. 

Oct. 7, Glenn J. Stalgren and Julia C. Stunkel sold 24 Alyssa Lane to Melissa E. Lawry for $1,136,000. 

West Tisbury

Oct. 7, Barbara Martina Minihan, trustee of Barbara Martina Minihan Living Trust, sold 55 Charles Neck Way to Katherine O. Beattie and Michael W. Beattie for $1,600,000. 

Oct. 7, Joyce Faucette Farmer, trustee of J. Faucette Realty Trust, sold 175 Pond Road to Dean Garfield and Chanda Tuck Garfield for $3,490,000.