Church had reasons to let Capobianco go


To the Editor:

I am wondering why The MV Times found this article so newsworthy, especially with the headline “Upheaval at church food program” (Oct. 17), then with the subtitle, “Capobianco ‘disgusted’ at church HR maneuver.” The headlines appear to point to the fact that the church is doing something wrong. 

People are terminated from employment all the time for varied reasons. Anytime new leadership comes in, there is an evaluation of finances, programs, and staff.

The church made it very clear that the decision was based on an evaluation of saving money by eliminating a position that the new leadership felt was not necessary. Father Fedak also made it very clear he did not make the decision lightly, but only after much thought and prayer. The rest of the article was based on disgruntled comments from Joe Capobianco and his close friend, Tom Engley. All comments were strictly opinion, and I think a good reporter would have followed up with some questions to get some facts to back up the opinions. Such as:

Why did Mr. Capobianco feel it necessary to let Sara Steigelman go?

Why did Mr. Engley feel that the decision was unfair?

Why did Mr. Engley feel that the church just wanted to get rid of Mr. Capobianco?

Why wasn’t Mr. Capobianco going to take the severance pay?

Why didn’t Mr. Capobianco get along with the new priest?

How did Mr. Capobianco start the food program? If it is a church-based program, wouldn’t the priest, Father Nagle, start the program?

It is always sad and difficult when someone must lose their job, for whatever reason. I would hope that everyone would feel compassion and sorrow for Mr. Capobiano, but The Times has turned this sad story into one that wants to put people on sides. If they felt it was newsworthy that a longtime employee has lost a job, I feel the article could have been more fact-based with some understanding for why the church did what it did, and with more compassion for Mr. Capobianco and his future.


Donna Gazaille