Poet’s Corner


Is Everything Fodder
By Valerie Sonnenthal

why dribble and drab
why is not the question
whose underhand is lower
how low can this election go

out one window a woman welded steel railing
out another window a man pinned and repeatedly struck a cowering slight figure against the pavement
out one window the woman knelt down with drill in hand
out another window a man head hung rested on one knee letting the slight guy walk away
where will the dream ride on the gondola take me
will circles in evening mist along the river’s brick edges bring anyone back
does embracing a ring of wet fall leaves envelope our drive
do Heaven and Hell always have to be so close

is it their fateful underpinning
undermining foundations that have never existed
that each re-written history is remade for the moment
that holding your breath may or may not change a thing
dribble is drab fodder
steel yourself it’s an election
one dream ride letting the slight guy walk away
the fateful have to be close

yet the question remains

Valerie Sonnenthal washed ashore in 2005, contributes to The MV Times, is a member of the Cleaveland House Poets, and owns Peaked Hill Studio, offering Sound Healing and Kaiut Yoga. She lives year-round in Chilmark with her family and beloved dogs.

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