Manhunt continues for suspects in armed bank robbery

Falmouth response turns up no suspects, so focus shifts back to Martha’s Vineyard.


Updated 4:30 pm


  1. Dogs being airlifted to Island. State Police spokesman David Procopio said K-9s were being airlifted to the island by the State Police Air Wing, according to Globe

  2. Listen if the cops can’t find THREE people on a island like they could be in Boston dancing in the streets of Hyannis if you guys don’t find them by 7-8 good chance our police officers don’t and can’t do there jobs

    • I believe bank robberies are investigated by FBI, and their conviction rate is deterringly high.

      As far as the efficacy of Vineyard police goes, it has already been… established.

      Catching criminals is difficult and dangerous, so the local cops are far more successful at taking citizens and converting them into criminals.

      • There are a distressing number of bank robberies that go unsolved, more than you’d think, percentage wise. Bank robberies, especially in this region, fall into one of two categories based on who commits the robbery. Robberies are either A) poorly planned and usually unsuccessful acts of desperation carried out by people with mental illness and/or severe addiction issues…or B) the work of a small and disciplined group with a well developed strategy that they execute like professionals. The second group is much much much less likely to get caught because they aren’t going to panic or make rookie mistakes. The group that robbed the RT yesterday were of the second group, they went in with a clear strategy, effective disguises that obfuscated skin tone/body type/facial features etc etc, and a well thought out exit plan. Those guys were probably clear of MV on a small boat headed for the mainland .+ next phase of the plan within 15 mins of departing in the tellers car. The fact that the closest the police/fbi have gotten to solving this was the embarrassing incident where they called in swat teams to deal with a group of innocent construction guys staying at the Falmouth Holiday Inn makes me feel comfortable saying law enforcement still has zero idea who robbed the bank.

        • You would be correct if the tellers car were found near a beach or boat landing. Where was it found? Or they took the tellers car and joined up with another car in a previously decided spot. They are gone.

        • Peter,
          My thoughts exactly. Small practiced, disciplined group, executed this with precision. One and done.
          Would be interesting to hear how they exited the island. Too many cameras at the steamship authority.
          75% percent are solved, 25% remain unsolved.
          Let’s see which side this case falls on. My money is on the FBI solving it.

  3. I hope the bank employees are doing as best as they can be after this. I hope everyone is staying safe.
    Be safe, officers and doggies, too.

    • I hope the bank staff involve have someone in there corner to help them though this very sad can’t imagine what there going though

  4. I am pretty sure it was delinquent dinghies that did this!! We must get our parents and teachers help solve the delinquent dinghies problem.

  5. These comments are inappropriate. Nothing funny here. Please stop bad jokes or disparaging comments. I know we live in a time in which the examples that have been set for public discourse are crudeness and ugliness. But maybe it is time to return to civility.

    Thank you to our law enforcement officers — state, local and federal. Please stay safe as you work to resolve this situation. You have our support.

    • Thanks Vicki…. glad to see there is still some decency around…. some people are just down right mean and nasty…. glad im not them…
      Thanks to law enforcement for all they do!

      • It’s not nasty, uncivil, or mean to joke when you’re scared. It’s human nature and healthy. When I read the robbers were wearing white masks and hoodies, I joked (to myself) that at least they were wearing masks. How considerate of them. But I knew not to post it, not because “it’s too soon” or because I’ve carried on endlessly about the importance of taking covid precautions, but because I didn’t want to give the scolds ammunition.
        It doesn’t take much to wake them up to post something “morally” dictatorial on here.

  6. One of the reasons I moved here 30 + yrs ago is that I read in the newspaper how a man robbed a bank on island. In the process the man, without a mask was holding the teller up with a bow and arrow. The teller spoke to the man, by name, and told him he shouldn’t be robbing the bank. Easy to guess the outcome.
    I have and still feel safer here but even that is being tested with the number of murders reported over the years and now this robbery.
    Those men (?) definately needed to find some other thing to fill their time rather than scaring the B-Jesus out of hard working bank tellers. If or when they get caught my hope is they don’t get the slap on the wrist and sent to the Edgartown jail where it’s cushy. They should know Bubba will be waiting out in Concord, one of those big boy prisons, for them.

  7. So many questions not answered by the story, starting with “When were police notified and how soon did monitoring start at the SSA dock?” I’m curious about the assumption that the perps might be in Falmouth. A big disincentive for this sort of crime would seem to be getting off the island with the loot. Any ideas about how, and whether, they did it? This brings up the question of approximately how much loot they got away with. Are there legal or journalistic or practical reasons not to mention this? P.S. Did Doug Cabral have to “stay put” — wait in his car at the drive-up window — until noon?? Somehow sitting in one’s car with the keys in the ignition doesn’t seem to be the safest place to be with bank robbers on the loose.

  8. Different people react to frightening situations differently. Some people make jokes. I’d rather laugh through my fear, worry, and upset than suppress and internalize the anxiety. It’s healthier. One persons joked that DeSantis sent then. That’s funny, whether or not the usual island scolds approve.

    So sorry for those at the bank who’ve been terrified by this, and others, including parents who received alarming texts about their children sheltering in place but no details. Hope the robbers are caught today so everyone can breathe a big sigh of relief. Scary times.

  9. I hope that the people who were tied up come out of this come out of this OK.

    Martha’s Vineyard Fantasy Island’s balloon gets popped again.
    This time it was not a squirt gun or bows and arrows.

    If I hear another story about the happy people of MV pulling together and dispelling adversity l’m going to crawl under a rock and binge on “The Prisoner” episodes…

      • I’ve been on island long enough to have been the diver who found the holes in the sinking Islander that had hit rocks off of OB in 1980.

        Later in the day I gained some notoriety when I was placed in a lead network evening news story in Boston, whereupon trying to appear to have a brain, and describing the “elliptical holes in the ferry ……blah blah blah)” , (because l was suffering from hypothermia— it was March) —-I then burped and wiped snot on my wetsuit sleeve which made me a minor celebrity among some young viewers. Basically, I started the coarsening of America, paving the way for Trump.

  10. It’s difficult for the public to contribute when we have no information.
    These guys secured a tellers car keys. There had to have been a conversation along with observation.
    Were they tall, short, fat, thin, young , old?
    Did anyone have any unusual speech pattern or accent?
    Whoops….. don’t want to offend anyone…..

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