Poet’s Corner


November Leafing
By Ellen Story

neighbor’s raked piles
escape onto the road
I scuffle, shuffle
kick oak leaves
some colored
like old honey
some stuck together
almost crunchy

breezes welcome
a few from
an unloaded maple
to dance,
ochre filtered sunlight
colors my white hair
warms me 

a slim beam
an old penny
alone like me
no one to say
“In God We Trust”
mind where you walk
mind how you play
when to hug
your own heart

Ellen Martin Story is a maturing poet who is a member of the Cleaveland House Poets and MV Poetry Readers. Her work has appeared in the Martha’s Vineyard Times Poet’s Corner and within “In the Company of Poets,” Cleaveland House Poets Anthology, 2021. She is retired from an off-Island career as a human resources administrator and lives with her husband in Oak Bluffs.

Poets with a connection to Martha’s Vineyard are encouraged to submit poems to curator Laura Roosevelt at ldroosevelt@gmail.com.