Former committee member weighs in


To the Editor:

At the Nov. 16 meeting of the West Tisbury select board, it was noted that a Nov. 4 letter from South Mountain to Island Housing Trust stated that one reason they withdrew from participating in the 401 State Road affordable housing project was to “bring attention to the problems with the West Tisbury affordable housing committee,” which it claimed was successful.

I served on the WTHAC for many years, and I guess that I must have slept through all or most of its deliberations, since I failed to see any problems. Of course, the folks at South Mountain are much cleverer than I am, and more perceptive when it comes to these things. I’m quite sure that the committee is very grateful to Mr. Abrams for pointing out its shortcomings. Indeed, I don’t know how the committee has functioned this long without his input. Now that the flaws in its efforts have been pointed out, I’m sure that future projects will serve the town much better than those in the past which, despite these problems, are now providing housing for many, many individuals. I am no longer on the committee, but I can only imagine how appreciative the committee is. Thank you so much.


Ted Jochsberger
West Tisbury