Give the VTA a try


To the Editor:

Starting Nov. 25, the Vineyard Transit Authority, through a statewide initiative, will be offering fare-free service for the rest of the year. This program is a great way for Islanders who are new or infrequent riders to get out there and give the VTA a try. If you are going into town to shop for holiday goodies, try getting there on the VTA this season. There is a good chance when you do, you will be riding on an electric bus, since nearly half the fleet is electric.

Public transportation is a critical climate solution. Riding the bus is a great way to lower our overall energy and material usage. And given that the VTA is on pace to have a full EV fleet by 2028, if not earlier, increased ridership will go a long way in our transition not just off fossil fuels, but away from the reliance on a personal car to move around. Side benefits of less air pollution and traffic, as well as not worrying about parking, are also great outcomes of increased ridership on our local bus system. Plus the more we ride the bus, the more the VTA can expand the service.

So I hope to see you out there giving it a try, and since it’s free, the money you save at the pump can be used for your holiday shopping. Who knows, you may just find yourself on the bus with a fellow Islander you have not seen in some time, and have an opportunity to catch up, or maybe you can just sit back, look out the window, and appreciate that we have this wonderful service here at our convenience.


Ben Robinson, chair

MVC Climate Action Task Force