Tisbury: Luce Playreaders, and birthday balloons for Liam Patrick Bruni

— MV Times

Heard on Main Street: Merry Everything and Happy Always.

That comes from the sign greeting patients getting physical therapy at our hospital. All the PTs are great, and many of your neighbors have been taking advantage of their help.

Save the date for the live, in-person performance of the Luce Playreaders on Sunday, Jan. 8, at 4 pm at the Martha’s Vineyard Film Center. Tickets are $25, sold at the Film Center or online at mvfilmsociety.com, which co-sponsors the event with the Friends of the Library. Doors open for admission 30 minutes prior.

This is a play about the search for connection as two young adults (performed by two not-so-young Play Readers!) navigate a rocky path to a relationship. As they work together on a project in witty, nonstop repartee, they discover what makes up an “I and You” relationship — always a challenge. Tickets are $25, sold at the Film Center or online at mvfilmsociety.com. Support our library and enjoy the special reading of “I and You,” performed by John Brannen and Beebee Horowitz of the Peter Luce Playreaders. All proceeds support the library’s new Community Room. Keep your ticket so you can buy chances to win a prize from Cronig’s, the Green Room, C.B. Stark, Bunch of Grapes Bookstore, and more.

Last weekend I spent a wasted hour with Amazon, where I always thought it was true that they had no live people working there. Then I managed to connect with a living soul. At least I assume so. He seemed to understand my problem … but of course he had to connect me with someone else who could help. It only took half an hour. He was very kind and patient. Then he informed me everything was fine and I had successfully changed my password. But after I used it, then I got an email from — yes — Amazon. They assured me that I had to go through what I had gone through in that wasted hour — again — but at least this time, their procedure worked. At least once. But that was true for now. I am afraid to try it again anytime soon. I don’t like spending hours with machines telling me to do something, especially when it then does not work. It may mean the end of a previously beautiful relationship.

It was lovely to receive a beautiful Christmas present from my cousin in England. She sent me a lovely china mug with the picture of the new king. I am pleased with this, and thanked her. But I didn’t mention that the only other item I had with his photo was a pretty picture of him with his first wife, in the early days. But it did mean that I recognized her, dressed in brief shorts, years later on her informal visit to Cronig’s Market.

I remember when I was only 5 years old at Christmastime. I finally, after every delay I could manage, got into bed. I really did not want to go to sleep. I’m sure I was just very very excited. My bed was against the wall. The stairs that led to the second floor and then to the attic were only on the other side of the wall. I heard sleigh bells. We did have some up there.

I sat up in bed. Directly across from me was a large window overlooking the front porch. Beyond that I could clearly see the street. Suddenly I saw something that looked like a white sleigh pulled by white reindeer dashing down the snowy hill. I thought I heard more sleigh bells. I can still see that vision in my mind. And I lay down, secure in the knowledge that Santa was on his way.

Big bunches of birthday balloons go out next Monday to Liam Patrick Bruni.

Heard on Main Street: Have an awesome day, and know that someone has thought about you today.