Personal best of viewing in 2022


My best films of the year have been selected for a number of reasons. In some cases it’s because of their unusual subjects. In others, it’s because of the unique cinematography. It may be because of the acting. Or it could be because of all three.

  1. “Show Me the Picture” is a documentary about photographer Jim Marshall. In this case, it’s the subject and actor that make this a winner. Whatever the reason, be sure not to miss this special film.
  2. “Cha Cha Real Smooth” is another winner because of the actor/director/writer Cooper Raiff, and due to a fictional character, and the story that the film tells.
  3. “The Velvet Queen” is picked for its spectacular cinematography.
  4. Of course it’s “Downton Abbey: A New Era” for its characters and cinematography.
  5. It’s the story and characters for “Emergency,” about a group of college students who get into trouble.
  6. “A Hero” tells the story of a man who gets into plenty of trouble.
  7. “The Tender Bar” stars Ben Affleck at his best.
  8. It’s hard to pick which is the best, “Three Songs for Benajir” or “When We Were Bullies,” so why not see them both?
  9. This one, “Summer of Soul,” is a great response to Woodstock, and not to be missed.
  10. Last but not least comes “Fire of Love,” with its spectacular cinematography.

Then here are some follow-ups: “Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, a Journey, a Song”; the Manhattan Shorts series, including “Don vs. Lightning,” Freedom Swimmer,” “The Treatment,” and “The Big Green” — Google them for more information; Sigourney Weaver in “The Good House”; and, finally, “Tár,” with Cate Blanchette.

Have fun watching these if you haven’t already seen them. Or pick your own top 10.