Edgartown: Edgartown School PTA meeting, Owl Prowl at Felix Neck, and Fire Cider

— MV Times

Happy 2023! May this year be gentle and easy, and bring us all even closer to “normal.” I am not making resolutions, nor planning to promise huge improvements in who I am. Baby steps for this girl. Take each day as it comes. Try to be nice. Try to roll with the punches. And generally just continue to try to be a better person. All things I try to do all the time, not just at the start of a new year. I’m going to hope for the best for 2023, and try to work with the law of attraction, but definitely not stick my neck out too far, just in case.

Did you go out for New Year’s Eve? I know some folks who headed to Boston for First Night. Other friends stayed local, and went out to dinner or spent time with friends. I watched a scary movie with the dogs and went to bed early. No ball drop watching for this girl. It used to be that I never missed it as a kid. Then as a young adult I’d go out to celebrate. Now I stay home, lay low, and warn my young adults to be careful. I’ve gone from a fun-loving reveler to a worried parent. How life changes. Don is in Florida for a week, so all the kids came over for dinner and then went their ways to celebrate. They were sweet to have dinner with dear old Mom before joining their friends.

Happy birthday wishes go out to Lizzie Williamson, Deanna Laird, Angela Murphy, Tom Sawyer, and Barbara Bellissimo on Jan. 5, Ashley Waters and Lindsay Medeiros on Jan. 6, and Kevin Ryan on Jan. 7.

There is an Edgartown School PTA meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 10, at 2:45 in the staff dining room at the school. If you are a school parent and haven’t joined the PTA yet, this is a good time to start.

It’s also a great time to sign your student up for school banking on Thursday mornings. You can get the paperwork to fill out from the volunteers on any Thursday morning, and sign your kid(s) up. They bring money in on Thursdays and learn how to deposit it with the volunteers, and, courtesy of M.V. Bank, magically learn to save money. It’s a great way to save toward school trips down the road, or just to learn the importance of saving and have some money upon graduation.

There is a full moon Owl Prowl at Felix Neck on Thursday, Jan. 5, at 5 pm. The cost is $15 to $25 for the opportunity to stroll the grounds and woods under a full moon to see, hear, and learn about owls. 

Join people at the Barn, Bowl and Bistro, on Saturday, Jan. 7, at 7:30 for a Paint Night, sponsored by the Oak Bluffs library. You’ll be guided in creating a masterpiece on canvas that you get to take home with you. All supplies are provided. Guests must be 21 or over. Registration is required. Email hburbidge@clamsnet.org or call 508-693-9433.

Laurisa Rich, Katie Ruppel, and the FARM Institute invite you to the FARM on Saturday, Jan. 7, at 10 am to learn the art of making fire cider, an herbal tonic thought to prevent illness. The cost is $24 for members and $30 for nonmembers, and everyone will get to bring home a jar of fire cider. 

Town Bar & Grill is offering Trivia Nights on Tuesdays each week at 7:30 pm. Email them at info@townbarmv.com or call 774-310-8696 to reserve your space. Please provide your name, the number of people in your group (up to six people), and a cell number for text reply/confirmation.

We bade adieu to Sharky’s in Edgartown on Saturday, enjoying a couple of Sharkaritas and memories on Saturday, as they closed their doors for the last time at midnight on Saturday night. Luckily, for those who enjoy their fare and fun, the Oak Bluffs Sharky’s remains open for your Mexican food cravings. I keep hearing rumors about what the Edgartown locale will become next, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Wait and see. I hope it’s yummy and affordable. Maybe it could go back to the old Lawry’s seafood family-style restaurant. Wouldn’t that be fun again? 

That’s about all I’ve got for now. Please share news, events, stories, and travels with me for the readers trying to make it through a long, quiet winter for the next few months. Have a wonderful week, be kind, and Happy New Year to us all.