Oak Bluffs: Full moon soon, Fix It Clinic, and M.V. Table Tennis Club

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“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”  –Albert Einstein

My wishes for the new year involve balance — finding it in all aspects of life, and keeping it. Maybe actually riding a bike would help that goal! I haven’t ridden my bike in a while; maybe it’s time to get back on it. There is something so free about pedaling your way along a path or road, or arriving somewhere by bike. When I was growing up in Springfield, we biked everywhere. We did not have “play dates” — we rode our bikes around the neighborhood, and called outside our friends’ houses to see who could come out to play. It was our “social media” at the time, and it was very effective! 

I went for a walk on Lucy Vincent on New Year’s Day — which, it turns out, was a very popular activity. Although the day was calm and quite warm, the waves were big, with pounding shore break at high tide. The erosion there seems to happen in front of our eyes, but it is still a place of stunning beauty. And who did I run into in the parking lot but Eddie BenDavid? Eddie is a man who gives love to everyone he greets, without reservation, and he has the best smile in the world. He was out enjoying the sunshine and the natural beauty of the island.

Watch for the full moon on Jan. 6. This first full moon of 2023 is called the Wolf Moon, named after the wolves that are active during the early part of the year. It is also called the “Moon after Yule” in the Anglo-Saxon tradition, as the first full moon after the winter solstice festivals of ancient times. We don’t have wolves on Martha’s Vineyard, so we’ll have to do our own howling. 

The Oak Bluffs library is hosting a “Fix It Clinic” on Jan. 7, from 1 to 3:30 pm. Do you have items that need repair, but you don’t know how to do it? Bring it to the clinic and get some help. This is to encourage our community to mend, reuse, and recycle, to create less waste.

Chicken Alley wants everyone to know that this is the time of year that they are in need of donations. This is a great way to recycle, so think about them if you’re cleaning out your basement or closets. I am trying a new approach: Instead of continuing to procrastinate on the huge task of cleaning out my closet, I have placed a bag on the floor in the closet and I am putting ONE item in the bag for the thrift shop every day. So far, the one item usually turns into four or five items, so the bag will fill quickly. They make it very easy at Chicken Alley to drop off donations, with designated bins, or call ahead for larger donations like furniture.

Paint Night at the Barn on Jan. 7 is being sponsored by the library. From 7:30 to 9 pm, you will be guided to create a masterpiece on canvas, while having fun with friends. All supplies are included for painting, and a cash bar will be available. Registration is required, email hburbridge@clamsnet.org or call 508-693-9433.

Did you know there is a M.V. Table Tennis Club? They play at the high school cafeteria every Tuesday and Thursday from 5 to 8 pm. This is for all ages and abilities; come learn the game, or improve your skills. Contact Rae Carter for more information at 508-728-5898.

Happy birthday to song ambassador Roberta Kirn on Jan. 5. She shares the date with Kate Feiffer and Jules Ben David. Uma Datta and Michael Araujo will celebrate on Jan. 6. On Jan. 7, balloons go to Jason Balboni and Holly Thomas. Mel BenDavid, you may not know this, but you share your Jan. 8 birthday with a couple of rock legends: Elvis Presley and David Bowie! Happy birthday hugs to my dear friend and partner-in-crime, Sue Curley, on Jan. 9, and also to my good friend Kristin Warriner, who shares the date. On Jan. 10, Annie Combra will blow out the candles, as will Brenda Leonard. Annie’s dad Richie Combra will celebrate his day on the 11th. I’m sure that Judy Thomas will be celebrating her day on the 11th, along with celebrating her retirement from 30 years of working with children and families at M.V. Community Services! Congratulations, Judy, and thank you. 

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  1. Joanne Lambert, you forgot to remind your many friends to wish yourself a wonderfully happy birthday on January 14! I’ll be doing so from afar but that doesn’t diminish the celebration!

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