A poetry celebration in honor of Arnie Reisman 

Arnie Reisman — Courtesy M.V. Playhouse

The Cleaveland House Poets will host a special event on Wednesday, Jan. 18, from 5 to 6:30 pm at Arnie’s Poetry Cafe at the M.V. Playhouse in honor of the memory of Arnie Reisman. He was the founder of the Poetry Cafe, just one of the many gifts he gave to the Island. Paula Lyons will open the event to share heartfelt memories of Arnie and their amazing life together. Through readings from his book, “Cages of Stages,” his friends will celebrate the many contributions he made to the rich literary community on Martha’s Vineyard. Arnie was known as an erudite soul who brought thoughtful discussion and satire to every conversation or gathering. He is missed. Join Arnie’s friends and family next week for a poetry reading that will bring his poems to life.