Connie Berry takes over as Times managing editor

Former director of publications Connie Berry will take over as managing editor of the MV Times. — Jeremy Driesen

Former director of publications for The Martha’s Vineyard Times Connie Berry is taking the captain’s chair as she transitions into her new role as managing editor. Berry has worked in various capacities during her approximately six-year tenure with the Times, and she has always used her leadership skills to facilitate the growth of the newspaper, special publications, and the MV Times brand. But Berry has been more than just a strong leader, especially during difficult times of immense change — she has been a part of the team.

Berry said she’s happy to accept the position as managing editor, and is glad that publishers Peter and Barbara Oberfest have placed their faith and trust in her. “I’ve been in the newspaper business for more than 30 years now, and I’ve never worked in such a team-oriented environment as we have at the Times,” Berry said. “Every single person is integral to producing the best web and print publications possible — and I think we do just that.” Publisher Peter Oberfest adds that Berry brings a calming style as well as a full grasp of Times culture. “Combining prizewinning journalism with community sensitivity in such a complex place is a very tall order, suited to only a few really talented editors. We haven’t filled the position of managing editor at the Times for a while, waiting for the perfect publisher/editor to appear. We are really fortunate to have Connie stepping into this critical role.”

Berry also said she is excited to welcome a fresh face to the newsroom in incoming news editor Sam Houghton, who starts Feb. 6. Oberfest says that the news editor position is at the heart of a community newspaper, especially because of the diversity of stories to cover. Sam’s experience in both print, at the Enterprise, and in radio at WCAI, will be a great asset. Berry anticipates he will bring a positive energy to the news team, along with an understanding of community journalism, and the ability to bring the news to the Island in different formats. “I’m ready to get started,” Berry said.


  1. This is such great news!! Congratulations Connie….I so enjoy your comments on “What’s to do on Weekends” and your “Recipes”…they are the best.
    Looking forward to your Managing Editor’s comments & articles.
    MV Times is so lucky to have such a talented in-house employer.
    PS. George B. was a guest speaker at Rotary’s weekly Wed. meeting last month and at the Q&A I mentioned how much I enjoy your columns who knew you would be the new George Brennan. Perhaps you can speak at one of our weekly meetings. You get my vote on this.
    Joan Dunayer

  2. May this opportunity allow her to reinforce and advance the MV Times’ mission to inform the public, and to provide a platform for lively public discourse.

    Congratulations, and good luck.

  3. Congratulations to you Connie!! You have been one of my favorites at the MV Times and I just hope that you can continue to do some writing for the paper on a regular basis!

  4. Connie, please be consistent in monitoring the MV posting site. No naming people, no false accusations. Simply let opinions be known and leave it at that. If one wants to retort, let them without ad hominem and without calling people out.

    • First– congrats, Connie. I wish you all the best.
      And then to address the comment above;
      While the editor certainly will not be able to fact check every point made by every commentator, I trust that she will allow other commentators to do some fact checking on their own, and “call out” obvious lies or misinformation. Especially if they provide some actual evidence to back up their point.
      As an example , I will use the often cited myth here that India produces more carbon emissions than the United States. It does not. In fact, India emits less than 1/2 the carbon the United States does.

      I would expect that if someone has that erroneous opinion, she would allow that to be published. People are allowed to have opinions that do not reflect reality after all, and her job is to “moderate” the discussion– not to interject her personal opinion, or deny one side or the other their right ( or privilege) to express their opinion here.
      However, I would expect that she would not bar someone from presenting the truth when replying to misinformation.

  5. I’ve had the opportunity to talk to Connie Berry over the phone at the Times a few times in the past. This is a wonderful promotion that makes a lot of sense. Congratulations!

  6. What wonderful news, Connie! Congratulations. Your writing and editing skills, knowledge of the Island community, and newspaper experience at The Times and other publications in the past will be a huge asset in helping the paper make a smooth transition in the wake of George Brennan’s departure. I hope you’ll keep those recipes coming, though, and let your great sense of humor keep shining through.

  7. I have admired Connie for several years of working with her. She is a wonderful collaborator and encourages her writers to do their best, She is a wonderful writer, too, with insight, humor, and a quiet calm that belies her very busy life.

    Congratulations, Boss.

  8. Congratulations, Connie! I’m so happy you landed on the Island, and The Times will thrive under your direction!

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