MVRHS science fair showcases creativity

Quinlan Slavin (left) and Owen Kiernan were the grand prize winners of the MVRHS Science and Engineering Fair. — Courtesy MVRHS

Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School (MVRHS) announced in a press release that it hosted its 24th annual Science and Engineering Fair on Saturday, Jan. 14. The release states 36 projects, either investigative or engineering, were scored by 20 judges “from a wide selection of Island organizations.” 

The release provided a list of fair winners and their project titles:

The grand prize, the Dr. James H. Porter/Tisbury Waterway Inc. Award, went to Quinlan Slavin and Owen Kiernan for their project “Improving a Mid-Range Espresso Machine.”

Among the investigative projects, Maia Donnelly won first place for “An Investigation Into Dugesia tigrina Planarian Regeneration Via Expression of HBNF-1 from a Novel Plasmid.” Molly Crawford won second place for “Does Brightness Matter? An Investigation of how Tampon Brightness is Related to Titanium Dioxide Levels,” and Tate Fairchild-Coppoletti won third place for “Effects of Social Media on the Attention Span of Teenagers in Varying Classes and Age Groups.”

Among the engineering projects, Vytas Alexander and Kyle Levy won first place for “Making a working Key through 3D printing from a picture.” Arianna Edelman and Avery Mulvey won second place for “How to Help the Planet Using Hydro Dissolvable Plastic Out of Gelatin,” and Rayssa Lacerda won third place for “Smart Plant Waterer.” 

There were also awards from different organizations and for different types of sciences. 

Rayssa also won the Island Grown Initiative award for her project. 

Nora Motahari won the Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation award for “Different Levels Of Acidity on Plants.”

Elaine Firstenberg and Tristan Pinelli won the Marine and Paleobiological Research Institute award for “The biodiversity of shells that wash up from the ocean vs a pond.”

Sydney Bruguiere won the Martha’s Vineyard Surfcasters Association award for “Shells and Acids.” 

Harrison Lazarus won the Lagoon Pond Association award for “The effects of acidic water on germination.”

Holden Brew won the Martha’s Vineyard Shellfish Group award for “Oysters: Natural Filter.” 

Arianna Edelman and Avery Mulvey won the sustainability award, sponsored by the Munn family, for “How to Help the Planet Using Hydro Dissolvable Plastic Out of Gelatin.” 

Noah Jones won the earth sciences award for “How Temperature Affects the Quality of Fingerprints.”

Students also won additional awards for their projects: Maia the biology award for her project, Quinlan and Owen the physics award for their project, Molly the chemistry award for her project, and Vytas and Kyle the technology award for their project.