‘Love is Contagious’


Singer-songwriter Kate Taylor wrote and recorded the song “Love is Contagious” with Rebecca Correia during the pandemic, and it was released as a single last November. It is a reflection on how people can love one another and make the world a better place.

Taylor and Correia recently put out a call for anyone to upload a video to the internet that shows a heart-shaped valentine passed from one side of the screen to the other. The videos will be edited by Film Truth Productions so the collective result will show a valentine shared with people around the world. So far, there have been responses from New Zealand, China, Scotland, California, Tennessee, Mexico, Martha’s Vineyard, New York City, Ohio, New Jersey, North Carolina, and more.

Above is the current music video set to “Love is Contagious.” You will recognize a few Islanders. To spread the love, you can view directions and upload a video at film-truth.com/love. Taylor and Correia will add them to the chain of hearts set to a loop of their song.