Who is in charge?


To the Editor:

I totally agree with Linda Smith’s Letter to the Editor regarding the road construction. The stop sign near the hospital and at the intersection of Eastville Avenue must have been planned by someone who owns a tow truck or an ambulance and drives a Mini Cooper. It’s so absurd that it’s funny, but it won’t be funny if it’s still like that on Memorial Day. Even if both spots are temporary fixes — they’re not fixes and they’re not temporary enough.

We all complain about trucks; but they are just as much our ‘”lifeline” as the SSA. How could it have been left so blatantly wrong?

Instead of all those new street signs they put up they should have put up CAUTION signs. I’m very glad it’s safer for bicycles now — but how much mail, dairy products, and fuel can they carry? Wouldn’t a light with a button to let bicycles cross have been easier and safer? I always forget who is it that hates traffic lights so much. Did anyone do a traffic study or where can we get the name of the traffic engineer?

Is there anyone we could petition for help fixing it — the MASSDot Highway Division or town Highway Departments? Would it be of any use to contact our selectmen, representatives, or senators? What if we all stop paying our excise tax?  Where’s Pete Buttigieg when we need him?

Bonnie Barrow
Oak Bluffs


  1. Perhaps call or write Pete Buttigieg? I’m with you…if memory serves the place to start is with the OB Selectboard. They were the planners and approvers.

  2. This was a total complete fudge up by any human beings with a functioning brain 🧠.
    Coming from VH driving up to that you must swerve left and then right praying you avoid the curb on your right and the vehicle on your left who might not keep to their right in their lane.
    Just baffling.

  3. Even in my Mini Cooper, I cannot go through there without being guilty of a marked lane violation.
    IT is often the case that there is a valid rationale for things that appear to be completely stupid.
    I trust that somewhere, in the skull of someone, that rationalization exists.
    So here is an opportunity for that someone to come forward and explain it to us.
    We have had many debates here where rational people on both sides of an argument ( such as the roundabout ) discussed the pros and cons of whatever it is we were discussing. In the end, when some of us were disappointed, we at least had some understanding of why something was decided upon.
    If ever there was a situation where an accident was waiting to happen, this is clearly it.
    My personal opinion is that there should be some sort of civil disobedience initiative before someone gets hurt.
    And since it is predicted to snow tonight, (Monday Feb 27) how does a snow plow deal with that ?

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