Thanks for the help


To the Editor:

On Thursday, Feb. 16, I had a run in with a deer on my Harley on Old County Road. The deer made out okay, I did not. 

I am writing this letter to thank all the people who showed up to help me and get my bike out of the pucker brush. From the gentleman who first stopped to see if I was alright and made the call to 911 (I never got the man’s name), to all the EMTs and ambulance personnel who arrived on the scene and got my damaged ankle stabilized before getting me to the ER. Also, the West Tisbury officer who arrived and brought order to the traffic situation which was becoming fairly congested and also helped get my bike out of the bushes. And to Jessie from the West Tisbury DPW, who moved it off the side of the road and into the paved turnout close by, and to Dave Caseau who eventually delivered it to my home. 

I would also like to put in a plug for the M.V. Hospital emergency room personnel who upheld their usual high standards of patient care. Also, to Dr. Hedburg, thank you for putting my ankle back together. Everyone involved demonstrated such a high degree of efficiency and professionalism; they are all a credit to their professions. It makes me glad I live here on the Island. And to the MVHR, thanks for the well wishes. 

Ed Mossey
West Tisbury