Healey Square construction underway


Lawrence-Lynch Corp. contractors dug into Healey Square on a drizzly Thursday as part of a years-long effort to redesign downtown Oak Bluffs. Construction began on Wednesday, March 1.

A section of yellow caution tape blocked off most of the area, allowing pedestrian access to the Post Office and a sliver of the square connecting Kennebec and Circuit avenues. Vehicles were not hindered by the construction Thursday morning, but an orange detour sign was on hand in case it was needed. 

This project is part of a streetscape bid Oak Bluffs accepted in 2021 that included reconfiguring parking spaces on Circuit Avenue. The latest project is to renovate Healey Square. 

However, not everyone was thrilled about the prospects. During an Oak Bluffs Select Board meeting last September, some residents pushed back on the need to renovate Healey Square at all. The board later accepted a modified plan last December regarding Healey Square renovations, alongside changes to pavement work on Kennebec Avenue. The modified plan reduced project costs.

The original work on Healey Square and Kennebec Avenue was expected to be completed this May. Oak Bluffs assistant town administrator Wendy Brough said the Kennebec streetscape improvement began in February, and is still anticipated to end in May.