Menemsha Beach bulkhead will get upgrades

Chilmark is looking to make repairs to the Menemsha Beach bulkhead before the summer season. — Jenna Bernstein

The Chilmark Select Board gave the green light to needed repairs of the wooden bulkhead at Menemsha Beach, with the hopes of finishing before the summer season gets underway.

Board members agreed at a meeting Tuesday that the structure, which serves as a seawall between Menemsha Beach and the parking lot, was getting old and needed work. Select board member Bill Rossi agreed that the seawall “looks a little worn.” 

“I think it needs to be done,” Rossi said. 

“This is a very good suggestion; I thoroughly approve of this repair,” said select board member Jim Malkin. 

The structure has been repaired a number of times over the years, and has been there for 70 years. The loss of wood on the top of the bulkhead is due to normal aging and wear and tear from weather.

Concerned Chilmark resident Margaret Maida raised her hand to speak in the Zoom meeting, and she pushed the town to finish the work before the summer season. “We were anxious to get it going, because we don’t want them working down there Memorial Day weekend or June 30th, when everybody’s around,” Maida said.

The board agreed, with Rossi reassuring her, “It’s going to get done.” 

The conservation commission will have to approve the project, and the cost for the repair will be paid for by the Chilmark beach committee.