M.V. Land Bank to sell existing Main Street headquarters

The Martha's Vineyard Land Bank headquarters at 167 Main Street in Edgartown. — Eunki Seonwoo

The Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank commission has officially submitted a request for proposals (RFPs) for the purchase of its property on 167 and 169 Main St. in Edgartown.

The minimum bid is set at $1,550,000, and only bids from governmental agencies and/or nonprofit organizations will be entertained at this time.

The announcement comes as the Land Bank finalizes its move to its new property on Meetinghouse Way in Edgartown. They are still installing a couple of extra features, such as a universal access ramp to their new office, but will be ready to move “relatively soon,” stated executive director James Lengyel.

The Land Bank purchased the 14-acre Meetinghouse Way property last spring, after they determined it “accomplished all of the goals” they had in mind, financially and logistically. These objectives included: providing staff housing, upgrading its land management workshop, and maintaining office space, all at a reasonable rate. 

Lengyel said that with the “added bonus” of “beautiful open fields for conservation … in one location, with no need to construct anything new,” the Land Bank took advantage of the opportunity, and decided it would make its move.

“Most of the real estate transactions on the Island are now electronic, and so the original reason for being in Edgartown center — to be near the courthouse, where the registry of deeds is located — was no longer germane,” explained Lengyel.

The Land Bank has stated that the winning proposal will be selected during its June 5 meeting at 3 pm. Proposals must be submitted to its Main Street offices by noon on May 18, and will be opened at its May 22 meeting at 3 pm.


  1. I am so hopeful the building will be repurposed for affordable housing. An appropriate evolution on multiple levels.

  2. It is my hopes that in choosing the recipient of this property, monetary consideration above the stated minimum purchase price will NOT be the deciding factor but rather the importance of the mission of the applying organizations. We know that housing and homelessness are two major issues which are much harder to find adequate solutions for and this location is unique in that it is on public transportation, close to possible jobs, has possible expansion potential and will be unlikely to be subjected to NIMBY.

  3. I think the Land Bank should sell it for a dollar to the Island Housing Trust for affordable housing. They can afford it and it is absolutely the right thing to do.
    Tucker Hubbell

    • The Land Bank spent $10M on a property that many have said was a waste of LB revenue so they need to sell this property at fair value to off set the waste they spent on luxury property for themselves.

  4. Really like the idea of affordable housing as well. Hope it will be considered as the location would be ideal.

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