Tisbury: Betty Burton, housing bank rally, M.V. Playhouse, climate discussions, and electric ferries

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Heard on Main Street: Get-well wishes with love to Betty Burton. She is recovering from a fractured hip at Spaulding on Cape Cod. Cards can be sent to her at the hospital at 311 Service Road, East Sandwich, MA 02537.

Thanks to the kind UPS folks who phoned me. They were concerned about my comments, and assured me that UPS would never ask for your birthdate or any such personal information. The part-time supervisor, Mindy Miller, and building manager, Jeremy Brooks, assured me they were unhappy with the idea of such a thing. They said UPS would not send an email or a text, so it must have been a scam. I apologized, but said I had found no way to reach them.

I am having a lovely week, enjoying a few days with cousins visiting from the southwest of England. Both are retired nurses who worked for the National Health System for years. This is such fun. The last time I saw Jenny and Alan in person was with their school-age children. That now seems an awfully long time ago; those little ones have all grown up. My husband used to say a child just grows up and disappears into an adult.

In an effort to bring more year-round affordable housing to the Island, a group from the Coalition to Create the MV Housing Bank (CCMVHB), and perhaps some of you, will go to Beacon Hill on Thursday, March 23, to ask our legislators to vote for the housing bank. All are welcome! Together, all plan to meet with legislators and hold a rally on the Capitol steps. Take the 7 am boat from V.H. to Woods Hole, and later the 5 pm boat back. The CCMVHB will provide everyone who attends free transportation, free food, and a free T shirt. We need our state senators and representatives to pass the housing bank this legislative session so that our first responders, healthcare professionals, educators, fishermen, tradespeople, and so many others can continue to call this place home. For more information, or to join the trip, contact Noah Lipnick at 718-360-3062 or noah@ccmvhb.org.

Have a fun evening for $5 cash admission. Monday Night Movies are still at 6 pm at the Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse. Next Monday, March 20, is “Nashville,” from 1975, and “A Room with a View” (1985) will be shown on March 27.

The M.V. Playhouse is offering the Wicked Good Musical Revue next week, with musicians Peter Boak, Molly Sturges, and Brian Weiland supporting singers David Behnke, Rachel Cook, Jenny Friedman, and Katherine Reid. The show starts at 7 pm on Friday and Saturday, March 24 and 25, and at 2 pm on Sunday, March 26. Tickets available at the Playhouse, 508-696-6300 or mvplayhouse.org.

Did you know that Vineyard Wind has office hours every Wednesday from 3 to 6 pm at 151 Beach Road for jobs in wind energy? Drop by at any time during office hours.

Beginning at 5:30 pm today, Thursday, March 16, the Oak Bluffs climate and energy committee will hold recurring climate discussions at the Oak Bluffs library. This first conversation will focus on the importance of getting people talking about climate change, to understand what will happen to them, and to help to encourage climate action. You will want to read Katherine Hayhoe’s “Saving Us.” Hear personal experiences people have had adding solar, buying an electric bike, buying an EV pickup truck, and converting to heat pumps.

You can learn about electric ferries on Friday, March 31, from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm, at the M.V. Film Center. Speakers from Denmark and the states of Maine and Washington will talk about the electrification of the fleets. The Steamship Authority and Eversource will discuss possibilities for us. Transportation is a large contributor to carbon emissions; Vineyard ferries make a significant impact. Come in person to show the Steamship Authority that you support electric ferries. Parking is scarce. Carpool, or park elsewhere and walk to the Film Center if you can. Or Zoom is an option — see the Film Center website.

The Martha’s Vineyard Museum plans “A Food History Symposium” for the weekend of June 2 through 4. This will explore the past and present of the Island’s various food cultures, featuring writers, chefs, farmers, and fishermen. Registration is open now.

For a while I worried about not drinking enough water, but then decided I should have something to drink whenever I sit down, even if it is just to use the computer. It did improve for me; it was seriously easy. My poor husband used to complain that he didn’t need as much as I did. But if I didn’t say anything, he’d usually have a beer or some water with his drink, so then I learned to be quiet. At least about water.

Big bunches of green birthday balloon wishes go out to Austin Chandler and Bow VanRiper tomorrow. Happy birthday to Matthew Barton and his cousin Ben Bartolini on Saturday. Sunday belongs to Lois Kavanagh, Susan Mone, and Susan Weyl. Phoenix Russell celebrates on Monday.

Heard on Main Street: The easiest way for me to be a happy person is to surround myself with people smarter and nicer than I am.

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