Poet’s Corner

— Nicole Jackson

Sea smiles
By Nicole Jackson

Spring is on the way
I see my boy looking at the bay.

A freezer full of fish
Cooking is his last wish.

Poles cleaned, lures in order
Maybe he has seasonal affective disorder.

His face appears long
Which makes me feel I’ve done wrong.

When fishing is here
He is the sweetest dear.

Smiles from the sea
Many In forms of fish he then brings to me.

A place to store his pride
Those fish he catches from the tide.

I think buying another freezer
Would surely be a boy pleaser.

I keep my fingers crossed
That the lines will soon be tossed.

Nicole Jackson is a stablehand at White Stone Equestrian and a designer for The MV Times. She often writes about food for the Calendar section, and works on the page layouts of the Community and News sections.

Poets with a connection to Martha’s Vineyard are encouraged to submit poems to Poet’s Corner editor Laura Roosevelt at ldroosevelt@gmail.com.