SHINE: Medicare savings


Medicare savings programs

There are several programs under the MassHealth umbrella. MassHealth Standard is for those with very low income and, if 65 or over, have only $2,000 in the bank, $3,000 for a couple.

The layers above standard are Medicare Savings Programs, otherwise called Buy-In in Massachusetts. The asset limits for these programs are now $18,180 for an individual and $27,260 for a couple. The income limit has just increased to $2,734 per month for an individual, $32,808 annual, or $3,698 per month for a couple, $44,376 annual.

If your income and assets are now below these limits, a Medicare Savings Program may indeed save you money. One way these programs save money is by paying your Medicare Part B premium for you; thus the Social Security income you actually receive would be higher. You would need to complete one of two applications and send it to MassHealth for them to verify you qualify.

You may want to meet with or talk to a SHINE counselor to explore Medicare Savings Programs.

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