Tisbury Council on Aging: April 2023

Tisbury Council on Aging on Pine Tree Road. — Eunki Seonwoo

Tisbury Senior Center
Director: Joyce Stiles-Tucker

Weekly activities


  • Start your week with humor and the creativity of five-line limericks! 10:30 am
  • Make Creative Colorful Cards, 5.5 x 4.25. Templates and soft color pencils provided at class, 1 pm
  • Join the Silver Quilters; bring your unfinished quilt, or start anew, 1 pm


  • Knitters, get out of the house, knit at the senior center, bring a friend! We have yarn, or bring yours. 9 am
  • Fitness with Catie, 10 am
  • Your Favorite Books and Stories with group discussion; do not be shy, stop on by! 11 am


  • Play Reading followed by discussion, 9 am
  • Ukulele Players, 1-3 pm
  • Meditation Yoga with Steve. Bring a mat or something comfortable to lie on during practice. 3 pm


  • Fitness with Catie, 10 am
  • Discussion Group, new topics weekly! Bring a friend! 11 am
  • Bring a friend and play Boggle. 1:30 pm


  • Party Bridge with Rachel Siemen, 1 pm
  • Your Favorite Books and Stories, with group discussion, 11 am
  • Gentle dance to music, exercise that is fun! 20 minutes of favorite dance music, 2 pm. Dancing is one of the oldest, best-known forms of self-expression and enjoyment. There are health benefits to dancing, such as continuing strength and balance and staying fit. Senior dancing is gentle, relaxing, and fun!

Please let us know if you are interested in the following:
Bingo; games; how to fix things, such as changing a hemline!

April calendar

  • April 4, Wellness, 10:30 – 11:30 am
  • April 4, Food Distribution,10 am – Noon
  • April 13, Legal Advice, Arthur Bergeron, 1 – 3 pm. Call the Tisbury Senior Center for an appointment
  • April 18, Diabetes Support Group meeting. Will be meeting on Tuesday this month due to Holiday on Monday, April 17. Call for info. New participants welcome!

Easter Dinner
We will be delivering holiday dinners on Easter Sunday, April 9. Call your COA no later than April 3 to order your meal.

Volunteer opportunities

  • Volunteers are needed to deliver Easter Dinners. Call if you can help.
  • We are seeking volunteers to answer the phone and greet people coming to the center on Mondays, 9 to 11 am, and Wednesdays, 9-11 am, and per diem. Call Joyce at 508-696-4205.

The Tisbury Senior Center is here for you! Becoming a senior opens freedom to try new adventures and meet new friends.

Take some time in your busy day to rejuvenate and watch the beauty of spring unfold! Hope to see you soon!