Real Estate Transactions: March 27 – 31, 2023



March 30, Douglas O. Dowling, trustee of 366 Setoff Trust, sold 759 State Road and 761 State Road to Northeast Native Network of Kinship & Healing Inc. for $1,670,000.


March 29, Sarah J. Fox sold 8 Fulling Mill Hill to Rachel Fox for $920,312.50.

Oak Bluffs

March 28, Tracy Waite sold 28 Rogers Way to Kral Jaroslav for $555,000.

March 31, Korey Noble, trustee of Henderson Realty Trust, sold 167 New York Ave. to Deon Thomas, Emily Thomas, and Thenzel Thomas for $800,000.

March 31, CapeBuilt Lagoon Ridge LLC sold 37 Double Ox Road to Thomas Hjerpe and Mary Jo Hjerpe for $650,000.


March 28, Frederick S. Kanter and Lois H. Kanter sold 44 Holly Tree Lane to Frederick S. Kanter and Lois H. Kanter, trustees of Holly Tree Lane 44 Realty Trust, for $1.

March 31, Jared Meader and Julie Meader sold 47 Carl Lairs Lane to Xerxes K. Aghassipour for $1,600,000.

West Tisbury

March 28, Huseby Meadows LLC sold 5 Husebys Meadow Mountain Road to CS-RE Huseby Meadows LLC for $1,900,000.

March 31, Cheryl Larsen sold 280 Oak Lane to Kirk Wagnar and Crystal Wagnar for $1,100,000.