Real Estate Transactions: April 3 – 7, 2023



April 4, Barbara Harris, Travis Saunders, and Shane Saunders sold 0 Harborside Inn Condo Unit 453 to Brian P. Sullivan and Jennifer A. Sullivan for $1,000.

April 6, Ruth McGorty, trustee of McGorty Realty Trust, sold 9 Meetinghouse Village Way Unit 8-C for $500,000.


Oak Bluffs

April 3, John D. Liberator sold 11 Hidden Cove Road to George D. Lex and Lynn Branigan Lex for $1,750,000.

April 5, Kevin R. Hayden, trustee of Hayden Family Trust, sold 25 Menahan St. to Jimmy Alvarado and Rachel Frances Hines for $825,000.

April 7, Paul G. Alexander and Evelyn Martial sold 24 Winemack St. to On The Vineyard 1 LLC for $1,275,000.

April 7, Michael D. Gibson sold 25 Bay View Ave. to Alton S. Gibson Jr. for $200,000.



April 4, Charles J. Blair IV and Bennett Coffey sold 13 Grimmett Way to Jacob B. Sylvia and Alexandra Mazza for $1,075,000.

April 4, Ellen Gallagher and the Estate of John Thomas Hughes sold 0 Skiff Ave. to Ismenia Avansini Desouza and Wellegton Carlos Rodrigues for $450,000.

April 6, Elizabeth P. Wojdak sold 59 Hagerty Drive to Jonathan C. Roberts, trustee of Jonathan C. Roberts Trust-2012, for $4,450,000.

April 6, Lawrence J. Cannon and Mary S. Cannon sold 0 Red Coat Hill Road to Guy N. Grassi for $740,000.

April 7, Hailey Badaracco, Alexander Badaracco, Jack Sayre, and Julia S. Sayre sold 18 Lagoon Ave. to Clayton Trading Co LLC for $800,000.