Tasty times three

Nina’s, with three locations, is a good pit stop anytime.


I’ve got some great advice for the next time your appetite is huge but your wallet is not — drop by Nina’s food truck on Beach Road in Vineyard Haven. A popular lunch stop for Island workers, this good-looking food truck even boasts a sweet little outdoor seating area that will be packed, I’m sure, as the weather warms up. Nina’s has effectively opened spots in all three down-Island towns — the food truck in Vineyard Haven, Nina’s Dine-and-Dash at the Ritz in Oak Bluffs, and Nina’s Takeout at the Square Rigger in Edgartown.

The menu is filled with Brazilian favorites, besides other hearty options like breakfast sandwiches, cheeseburgers, and BLTs. I opted to try some lunch favorites recommended by the friendly young lady manning the food truck, Priscila Araojo. Coming out on top were the Chicken Coxinha (three of them for $3.50), the Beef Croquettes ($3.50 each), and the dinner plates, which were around $17 each for beef and chicken.

I was hungry, so of course I ate a coxinha in the car on the way home. They were still warm, which added to the appeal. I felt like I was getting a little mini-meal all rolled up in the golden ball of deliciousness, with seasoned chicken and potato — sort of like a bite-size chicken pot pie. I was pretty sure this would be my favorite, until I tried the beef croquette. This was also like a little meal, but packed into a more elongated, larger package. I liked the spice used in the beef mixture, even though I wasn’t quite sure what it was.

My two dinner-plate options were so large that they could easily serve a family of four, and we’re known for our healthy appetites at my house. Both options came with a large portion of protein on top of a good-size serving of rice. The chicken was seasoned just right, and included chopped okra and other veggies, as well as a couple of yucca fries on top. Sides included beans, farofa, and polenta with gravy. By the time we were finished, I was pretty sure I understood why the place is a popular lunch spot, and why it makes sense to leave the dinner plates for dinner, because after the coxinha and croquettes, I didn’t have much room left.

Nina’s food truck, 61 Beach Road, Vineyard Haven. Typically open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 774-297-3577.