Putting the beautiful pieces together


Anne Marie Eddy has had a thing for gemstones for years. The owner of Coastal Supply Co. in Vineyard Haven started collecting semiprecious gems and making jewelry about 15 years ago. More recently, she has discovered a way to make unique artworks using a variety of stones mixed with crystals, beads, and metals. Her beautiful, intricate mosaics can now be found at Coastal Supply, along with a variety of unique products by local artisans and others.

After seeing work by a mosaic artist online, Eddy decided to create her own. “Why it really resonated with me was that she was using a lot of things I’m drawn to anyway,” says Eddy. “The light bulb went off. Here’s a way that I can use some of the materials I have from my jewelry-making.”

After creating a circular wall-hanging mosaic, Eddy signed up for a workshop by Susan Wechsler, the woman whose work she had seen online. In February, Eddy traveled to Arizona for the five-day workshop, where participants visited the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show — the oldest and largest show of its kind in the world. Wechsler introduced the students to her favorite vendors, helped them select materials, and then instructed them over the next four days in her mosaic techniques.

Eddy left the workshop with a circular piece she calls “The Four Seasons.” Divided into four equal parts, the mosaic sculpture features hundreds of gems, beads, crystals, beads, and metals — with coordinating colors defining each of the separate quadrants.

Since discovering her new obsession, Eddy has created four more mosaic pieces, all circular in nature. “I like working with round shapes,” says Eddy. “It speaks of flow to me, and the circle of life.”

With her latest venture, Eddy has further expanded her creative output, fueled by a variety of interests.

About 20 years ago, Eddy discovered something called Annie Sloan Chalk Paint — a versatile furniture paint that can be used without any sanding or other preparation. “It stuck to everything, and was easy, fun, and had great colors,” says Eddy. “I was hooked, and painted everything that wasn’t nailed down.”

After doing commission work for people around the Island, Eddy opened a small shop down by the harbor, where she sold her own refurbished furniture, along with items from other artisans. Eventually she moved to her current space at the corner of Main Street and Union Street. The shop sells all types of home decor items, as well as jewelry, artwork, clothing, and more. It’s a fun shop that’s great for browsing, and Eddy’s mosaics add yet another element to the eclectic mix.

Coastal Supply Co., 65 Main St., Vineyard Haven. 508-338-2358; coastalsupplyshop.com.