Protect Edgartown Harbor view


To the Editor:

The proposal by major Island real estate investor David Malm and architect Patrick Ahearn to rebuild the historic Gov. Mayhew family house on 81 South Water St. will eliminate our last great view of Edgartown Harbor, and place a massive Hamptons-style mansion on the property, with a resort-size swimming pool and major retaining wall. This plan represents a complete loss of the historical character and architecture of this over-100-year-old landmark home. When is “enough enough” ? Let’s preserve our Edgartown harborfront and leave Hamptons beachfront mansions on Long Island. 

I urge all residents to email the Edgartown Historic District Commission, objecting to this project being presented for vote at their upcoming May 18 public hearing, as it violates many of the Historic District guidelines and requirements. You can reach the Historic District Commission by email at


John Brittain