Tisbury: Town parking, string quartet concert, Lioness of Boston, and Shirley Mayhew memorial

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Heard on Main Street: Never test the depth of the water with both feet.

I had to miss the Town Meeting, but a neighbor told me what happened. I did agree with her that the good news was the approval of the capital improvements for the library. I was disappointed with the bad news that the proposed new language for zoning was defeated. Our street has had problems, though I never realized how many of our neighbors in this town complained of huge trucks being parked on their streets for days at a time. My friend thought that at the meeting the people who do this — and perhaps their employees — outnumbered the residents at the meeting. It may be that only those of us who must deal with these people were aware of it. I was thankful that she reported that Ben Robinson made it clear that this was a “rights” issue, and would not go away. Those people parking in our neighborhoods do it even though they know it is a violation of residential zoning. Ben said his committee will go back to try to improve the proposed revision. But he promised he will be back again. Meanwhile the rest of us just have to keep pressing the issue, and having to ask the town for help in making these scofflaws move their trucks.

There is something special about music, especially in the spring. The M.V. Chamber Music Society offers the Boston-based Rasa String Quartet in a performance this Saturday, May 6, at 4 pm at the West Tisbury Congregational Church. The quartet find their niche exploring the musical space where classical and folk traditions intersect and influence one another. Tickets will be available at the church until 5 pm tomorrow, May 5, and at the door on Saturday.

You really must discover what you can do to help improve our climate future by going to the Climate Action Fair on Sunday, May 7, from noon to 4 at the Ag Hall. And take the kids. You were wondering if you could make a difference. Get your answer there.

Plan now to watch Zoom and listen to Emily Franklin, author of “The Lioness of Boston.” She will discuss her newest novel, about Isabella Stewart Gardner, on Monday, May 8, at 7 pm on Zoom. The book is a portrait of what society expected a woman’s life to be, shattered by a courageous soul who rebelled and determined to live on her own terms. When Gardner opened her home as a museum in 1903 to show her collection of old masters and antiques, she was already known for scandalizing Boston. I love the comment that she was fond of such stunts as walking a pair of lions in the Boston Public Garden. Freed by travel, Isabella explored the world of art from London and Paris to Egypt and Asia, meeting such as Henry James and Oscar Wilde while she developed a keen eye for paintings and objects. Register at bit.ly/LionessTalk.

I am sorry to remind you that longtime West Tisbury resident Shirley Mayhew passed away in August 2020, during the COVID lockdown. Her family has now scheduled a celebration of life memorial from 4 to 7 pm on Friday, May 12, at the Ag Hall, as a cocktail-hour event. A program of speakers at 4 pm will be followed by a reception with live music by Katie and Seán. The family will provide wine and nonalcoholic beverages. They ask guests to bring potluck plates of finger food. The event is open to all. More at drdeb@vineyard.net.

The new easier way to lose your money by having so many new gambling opportunities bothers me. It’s always been a problem for some people, but I think making it easier is not right. It is true that the quickest way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it back in your pocket.

Congratulations to Bill Eville, editor of the Gazette and author of “The Notebook,” who will soon be celebrating his new book, “Washed Ashore: Family, Fatherhood, and Finding Home on Martha’s Vineyard.” Copies of Bill’s book will be at the Bunch of Grapes bookstore.

Congratulations to my son Craig Mayhew and his wife Laura as they celebrate their Cinco de Mayhew anniversary on Friday.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out to WMVY as they celebrate their birthday month.

Heard on Main Street: Women and cats do as they please. Men and dogs should learn to live with it.

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