Cribbage Club results


We had ourselves a time! Collin Evanson, who is our frontrunner this year, was dealt his very first 29-point hand — the best hand you can get, and it is rare! Like one in every 216,580 hands! As a rule, someone who gets a 29 hand wins all the money in the skunk jar; if you get a 28 hand, you get half the skunk pot. Collin wins the pot — and the very next game, Neale Bassett of Edgartown was dealt a 28 hand!

There was nothing in the pot! What are the odds of that happening? A lot of laughs.

There were 24 players this week, and these are the people who placed:

First, George Giosmas with a 14/6 +133 card (grand slam!)
Second, Bo Picard with an 11/5 +49 card
Third, Jack Silvia with a 10/5 +59 card
Fourth, Collin Evanson with a 10/4 +72 card
Fifth, Patricia Bergeron with a 10/4 +63 card
Sixth, Roy Scheffer with a 9/4 +29 card

Twelve people got skunked (a game won by more than 31 points). There were three 24-point hands awarded!

If you would like to check us out, come on over to the American Legion Hall in Edgartown on any Wednesday evening. We have food to share at 5:30 pm, and we start playing at 6 pm sharp.