Sheriff’s Meadow relaunching mobile app, TrailsMV

Sheriff's Meadow Foundation is relaunching mobile app, TrailsMV — Courtesy Sheriff's Meadow Foundation

The Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation launched a new version of its free mobile app called TrailsMV.  

TrailsMV and Sheriff’s Meadow staff will join the Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank’s annual cross-Island walk on National Trails Day on Saturday, June 3 to demonstrate the app to participants. 

With an interactive guide to 220+ miles of public trails on more than 100 protected properties, officials with Sheriff’s Meadow say the renewed TrailsMV app helps residents and visitors discover new places to connect with nature across the island.

“TrailsMV helps give people the confidence to navigate the Island’s growing network of trails safely because they can see where they are along the way,” said SMF president Adam Moore. “By keeping the trails map up to date and accurate in real-time, it’s like having a knowledgeable hiking companion as a guide. It opens a new realm of opportunities for people who love the Vineyard’s undeveloped, natural places.”

The updated TrailsMV is a multi-phase project in collaboration with the island’s conservation groups and Martha’s Vineyard Commission, using Esri ArcGIS geospatial mapping technology.

TrailsMV’s new features include filters to sort properties according to use (and restrictions), such as dogs, hunting, accessibility, horses, family-friendly, bikes, and scenic views; the app provides trail segment lengths to better gauge distance; it provides a guide with basic instructions on how to use the app, with Spanish and Portuguese translations; it will list events open to the public and post articles about natural history and the outdoors; and the app will provide resources section with safety tips and helpful links, including the Vineyard Transit Authority’s bus routes.

The updated app is now available free in the App Store and Google Play Store.


  1. It will be interesting if the Mary Harris Francis property on Chappy makes the app. It is a small piece of beach from property that in 1997 Mary Harris Francis and Mr. Francis gave the Chappaquiddick property to the Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation to be enjoyed as a public beach.

    The property is currently closed to the public because of the abutting neighbors complaints to the Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation who did not like to 2-3 cars parked on the side of the road (town property). NIMBY. It was open to the public until last year. Still not open according to the sign on the property.

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