Built on Stilts


Get that dance out of the living room and onto the stage. Sing that song somewhere other than in your shower. Let that poem rip. For their 27th season, the Vineyard’s community dance and performance festival, Built on Stilts, is accepting registrations for short performances. This is an opportunity to delve into creative endeavors in a warm and welcoming environment, where people are encouraged to explore their performing chops.

Built on Stilts began as a one-night concert showcasing the work of seven choreographers back in 1977. Today, it is a Vineyard institution that reflects the Island’s artistic spirit. This six-night festival will feature the work of professional and amateur performers of all ages. The program varies each night and highlights a diverse group of people from on-Island and off-Island. No reservations are necessary. Donations are strongly encouraged. Union Chapel, Oak Bluffs. August 10-12 and 19-21. Participation guidelines and registration forms are available at builtonstilts.org.